Paranormal Activity Caught On Camera : 5 SHADOW PEOPLE

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The Top 5 SCARY videos of paranormal activity – with shadow people, ghosts, and strange phantasms all caught on tape.

Strange and creepy videos captured during paranormal investigations by ghost hunters and average people, all caught on tape.

This week, a creepy paranormal investigation by Ghostech Paranormal in a haunted house; the chilling true scary story of a man who moved into a haunted place without even knowing it and posted his story to Twitter(similar to Adam Ellis & Dear David); and some scared kids trying a creepy ghost challenge and ending up with some scary things caught on camera. Are these real ghosts, a haunting, the supernatural, or poltergeists? Is this real paranormal activity caught on camera? You decide.

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  1. Hi ? yes it is true to say Bloody Mary A friend of mine did it at the cemetery two years ago it was the old cemetery very very old and he said it’s five times ??I was there when he started the headstone fell on his feet and broke his toes??

  2. Chants Bloody Mary
    Chants Bloody Mary again
    Chants Bloody Mary one more time

    Donald Trump: I will build my wall!
    Me: aaaaaaaahhhhhh!
    Runs like a Motherfucker

  3. The most terrifying part was when they say his body was found weeks later. Look up a decomposing body. It’s fucking creepy. Creepier than paranormal activity. And then it appears in the bed?

  4. Kids: Bloody Mary…
    Bloody Mary: Leave me alone,I have things to do
    Kids: Bloody Mary…
    Bloody Mary: I swear,one more time,and i'll…
    Kids: Bloody Mary

  5. The bloody marry video looks like they caught a glossy section of the paint. and maybe it looks like it's expanding cause they move the camera a lot more when they get scared idk. if it's real…no bueno >.<

  6. Do you think we are ghosts to ghosts? Cause they walk in a completely different dimension so they see and throw or running across freaking out cause we frightened them

  7. Lol that's funny. No one can take anybodys soul except the one who was created for this Mission and he is The king Of Death Azrael * Which he has a list and He is being ordered by his lord

  8. Wait the shadow behind the red lights on the truck did blink it walk across under the bridge but on the sensors in the women’s house you can see the shadow actually blocks the camera lights

  9. What story did you hear about Bloody Mary?

    I heard that if you turn the light off and call Bloody Mary x3 she will scratch your eyes out

  10. Lo que pasa que ese fantasma ? se lo kiere cojer y para acabar de amolar un gato ? pulgoso se pone al pedo jaja ja jaja ja hasta dijo que a toda madre ya tengo colchón ?nuevo porque el otro ya hasta los pinches resortes lastiman la espalda y hasta moqueado estaba ja jaja ja ????

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