10 Crazy Animal Safari Incidents!

10 Crazy Animal Safari Incidents!
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Top 10 scary wild animal attacks on people tourists, hunters and safari enthusiasts.
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Many people dream of going on safari and seeing wild animals in their most natural state. Embarking on a vehicle like a jeep with cameras in tow with a guide is the typical way that people encounter a safari. But safaris have proven to be dangerous, due to the numerous injuries and even deaths that have occurred from these trips. All it takes is a wrong look, poor timing of the camera, or catching a massive beast in a bad mood to start a terrifying incident where people will fear for their lives. Despite these risks, people, especially the rich, continue to book their tickets to a safari even several years in advance with no concern for their lives.
This video holds some of the scariest animal safari incidents that have ever occurred. To prevent further incidents, guides have published literature on basic safari etiquette. But sometimes, even following the decorum and etiquette isn’t enough. Basically you are risking your very life in order to experience nature at her most relaxed state. Some things that will keep you safe is to always stay with a guide, keep your windows rolled up, and always stay in your car. You don’t want to give the wild animals any opportunity to grab you with its teeth and drag you out of the car so they can eat you with their pack.
Take a lesson from the people in this video, and hopefully when you go on your safari, you won’t be in the part two to this series.

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Some footage courtesy of Barcroft

Frisky Elephant
Rhino Photo Op
Newlywed Trampling
Post-Coitus Death
Lion Attack
Angry Giraffe
Hunter Trampling
Lions Attack
Elephant Tossing a Car
Impala Rescue

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  1. “Serves him right”???????
    That was a human life VS a fuc*king elephant.
    Unsubscribing from this channel and will NEVER watch it again. You people are SICK AND TWISTED.

  2. I think the tree hugging bitch talking should be dropped off in the bush. Serves her right, karma at its best. Do the folk's in the pic with the rino deserve it to?

  3. thanks for your interesting video. Please make video about dangerous wildlife 'whisperers' who died or were seriously injured such as Steve Irwin, Timothy the bear 'whisperer', Siegfreid and Roy etc.

  4. "Serves him right" I don't know if you were listening to yourself but he died. He didn't go to jail he didn't get a bump on his head or punched in the face he actually died. Human cruelty at its finest.

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