You Can Help Baby Birds | Animal Rescue How To

You Can Help Baby Birds | Animal Rescue How To
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Spring is here, and young birds may be found on the ground. It’s important to know which of them need assistance and which do not. Birds with no feathers (nestlings) are too young to be out of the nest and always need to be returned, if possible. Young birds with fuzzy feathers (fledglings) are often “rescued” by humans from their environment when they don’t need to be. Unless there are obvious signs of injury, let them be.

Contact a wildlife rehabilitator immediately if there are life-threatening conditions or you think one of these birds is in danger. Thank you for your compassion!

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  1. You can’t be good humans if you are not good towards animals and other creation…that’s why Prophets were also shepherds…they were sent to lead the creation towards its Creator (God, Allah)

    Peace be upon the prophets of Allah.

  2. I helped a baby bird today, i took it home and put it in a cage filled with some nesting, water, and seeds, i was going to let it go until it was strong enough to fly, but when i went to go check on it an hour later the cage was pulled open, im guessing by a fucking cat, and the bird was no where to be seen 🙁

  3. They can literally grow feathers because there are birds like all birds grow feathers when they grow up and when they're like in that Nest that means they're a baby and you know how humans are like you grow a hair when when you grow up as soon as you die

  4. You can also feed small baby birds to horses, deer, cows, sheep, goats and any other animal really. They will appreciate the extra protein.

    Let nature do nature. Humans inevitably make mistakes

  5. Thank you for debunking the if you touch a baby the mom doesn't want it myth because it's more destructive then the vaccines cause autism myth

  6. If the fledgling is in an area where there is a lot of foot traffic or completely exposed to obvious danger, such as a busy area or where there are other animals that might be predators might pass, it's a good idea to help them by getting them out of harm's way and to a safe place. I have helped fledglings that were on a busy sidewalk with lots of bikes and dogs going by near a major road – one of them had already been run over by a bike. If I hadn't rescued the others, they would have surely died that day. So use your judgement. Keep them warm with a blanket or towel and feed them a watery puree of cooked eggyolk with a dropper as many times as they willingly open their mouths to eat when you touch their mouths with the dropper. Try to get them to a rescue as soon as possible – baby birds are extremely fragile.

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  9. Well this wasn't my favorite but it was my first ever pretty successful rehabilitating, Bird Story
    . One day I was outside with my cats when I saw my cat wrestling with something, that something was a flightless bird that had been caught by my cat just a few minutes ahead, I took my cat and away form the bird, after that I took the bird in to my house with my hands folded over it. When I then got inside, I asked my parents if I could borrow a pot or pan to put the bird in and to give it some peace and quiet. Two weeks later while we were gone to my brother's hockey game, the bird escaped and when we got home we couldn't find it, this bird was dying but we had no other choice but to shelter it. I found the bird next to my cat boo boo yes I called my own pet cat boo boo ? anyways he was huddled up right next to my cat. I didn't expect my own car to be motherly!! But my cat protected him from my other cat that tried to kill him. It was pretty intense but the aftermath wasn't good, I'll never forget that

  10. I really would NOT recommend touching the baby birds. If you get your scent on the babies, the mother will reject them. This happens in a lot of animal species. Also, if you do happen to find a baby bird on the ground, *DO NOT PUT IT BACK IN THE NEST*. Sure, you could maybe take it in and raise it, but I wouldn't recommend that. Just let mother nature take its course.

  11. I DONT UNDERSTAND VEGANISM COULD YOU PLEASE TELL ME WHY YOU REFUSE TO EAT STUFF THAT CAME FROM AN ANIMAL WITH OR WITHOUT PAIN (i understand that you dont eat stuff that came with pain like meat but not the stuff that came without, like milk, or eggs or cheese) Could someone, not rude tell me please?

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