Real Ghosts Caught On Camera? 5 SCARY Videos

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Top 5 scariest ghost videos caught on tape! Scary videos of a poltergeist, shadow people, and every other form of supposedly real ghosts and paranormal activity caught on camera.

Some haunting, scary things caught on camera and witnessed in real life by ghost hunters and average people. Strange hauntings and eerie encounters in abandoned places. A creepy ghost girl in a scary tunnel and a strange apparition peering into a car. Plus haunted places, including two ghost hunters creepy experience in a haunted house (The Paranormal Files). Are these video mysteries real or fake? You decide.

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  1. yo tell me that prop on num 5 didnt turn its mf head like i know that shit was looking at him at first but the third or fourth time it opened that shits was staring at the wall

  2. Now see…at 3:38…the ghost was just trying to be hospitable and open the door so he could see the prop. Just like when it sat down to chill with him in the theater at 1:20. But then you say you gonna kick they ass in they house??!!! OH, you deserved what you got after that!!!

  3. I see shadow people sometimes wen I go out but not a lot but wen I do it usually at the park were I go too mostly at night and the day but I don't remember wen I last saw one in the day

  4. Lol…cmon..thats not cool.

    Damn..ill be cussing up a storm so strong, it would smite them demons to hell and beyond. Lol jk. I'd die.

  5. 3 hill house. The YouTube couple explores a house including joshs room. As they leave, the door gets opened multiple times by Josh. Next section called opening a door. One of the kids name is Josh. Coincidence? I think not

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