Terrifying footage proves existence of ghosts?

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Three videos that have terrified viewers. Real footage the owners swear is evidence of ghosts. Test


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  1. Health Warning:"this music has been known to make you irritable and irrational and has been linked to disorders of the nervous system and bowels."

  2. We was at a park with friends and someone thought they saw a light then we heard a noise coming from a room locked so we ran away until we thought we were good but then we saw someone running towards our direction but he ran behind the building then a truck drove by fast. They think it was a ghost but i think it was just a worker.

  3. I'll tell you this. You mY choose to believe me or not. My best friend feel asleep in his garage with the car running. About 45 minutes after he passed I had to drive his car to his mom's. Keep in mind he literally passed minutes ago. I get in his car by myself in the passenger seat there was a darkness I seen it was darker than dark. I have never seen anything that dark. It was a mist about the size of someone's torso. Soons I left that garage it disappeared. After that I have experienced some things I can't explained.

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