Rescue Cockatoo Loves Sunbathing and Dancing With Mom | The Dodo

Rescue Cockatoo Loves Sunbathing and Dancing With Mom | The Dodo
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Rescue Cockatoo Loves Sunbathing and Dancing With Mom | This rescued cockatoo loves sunbathing and dancing with his mom ?❤️

You can keep up with Cookie and all of his adventures on Instagram, cookie_the_cockatoo:

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  1. Reminds of my parrot sparkles instead of loving to dance she loved to swim so my sister would get a huge countainer and she would swim and sunbathe outside. ❤️❤️❤️ he also loved boxes because he would always tear random boxes he would see around the houss

  2. Life-long commitments these exotics are. No one should ever be allowed to have one without being vetted.
    Watch Pebble for a few videos & listen to her ranting. You'll hear what chaos & insanity she went through for at least a decade before FINALLY being rescued by Kelly.

  3. A super quiet bird might sound nice until you remember that these birds are supposed to be loud, annoying, and destructive. Otherwise something is wrong. It takes a special person to be able to handle a cockatiel or other parrot.
    It's why I won't have one. It's just too expensive & more work than I want in a pet. I sure wouldn't mind being a pet sitter for one though. I think it would be fun. Just like it's fun to babysit. Then when you're exhausted &"they're spoiled rotten you get to give them back.

  4. A year. She spent a whole YEAR building this birds trust. Damn. Patience really paid off though seeing how much he trusts her.

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