When Animals Fight Back And Take Revenge On Humans

When Animals Fight Back And Take Revenge On Humans
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The best animals fight back compilation you’ll ever see with some of the craziest human karma I’ve ever witnessed.

Check out the most deserved instant karma fails: https://youtu.be/-2Vm_Fxr4vc

We like to create the best videos in each viral trend, this was our attemped at animals fight back and if you’d like to see more compilations, wins, fails and instant karma be sure to subscribe.

On a side note if you have any videos that involve animals getting their revenage/own back on humans email us and we’ll feature them in our next video.


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  1. watching humans get attacked by animals makes me happy and if everyone died and went to hell that would be ok with me bc humans are fucking disgusting.

  2. The lamb was just playing but it still is a headbutt contest and will still be painful on a kid, and the parents, instead of helping the kid, were laughing their ass off. Wow…

  3. at 4:02 he stole my video from my other acc i lost the gray one that was attacked his name is diego and the white and black one is name is bandit those are my cats :/ bandit is dead now :/

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