This Puppy Mill Dog Is Finally About To Get A Family | The Dodo Adoption Day

This Puppy Mill Dog Is Finally About To Get A Family | The Dodo Adoption Day
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This dog was rescued from a puppy mill and didn’t even know how to lie down. Now, he’s finally getting adopted so he can live the life a dog deserves.

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  1. This is so amazing. Everyone who helps save animals are so amazing. I have three cats, one of them I rescued from a horrible situation.

  2. LICENSED BREEDER. keep that in mind next time you or someone you know wants a "purebred" SHOW THEM THIS VIDEO, DON't TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER! tel them to adopt instead!!

  3. The Dodo is the best channel on you Tube, I actually think it was the first channel I subscribed to, it never fails to make my laugh out loud or CRY out loud! (Usually with happiness!) Xx

  4. Only buy dogs if the breeder allows you to the dogs parents and lets them get tested. We bought a very good German Shepherd from a very goo breeder, but not all breeders are like this, so adopting is a much safer option.

  5. GOD, bless all of you, who rescue these poor little souls, and give them the quality of life, they have never known, but so deserve, there's a special place in HEAVEN for you.😇🙏💜

  6. Beautiful ❤️ story! Jordan going to be so spoiled and rightly so.😘😘..I wish I knew about the belly bands when we first had our dog.

  7. Jordon I am so happy for you as now you have a wonderful home and most of all you have a family that loves you more each day that pass . From me to your wonderful family thank you so much to the bottom of my heart and straight to the top of my heart xxxx

  8. This made my heart hurt to see what that poor, sweet pup went through, then my heart melted to see him find his new Mom & Dad! Bless the people who dedicate their time, homes, resources & much more, to saving & giving love to innocent creatures. I think Jordan couldn't have gotten adopted by a better family ❤️❤️❤️

  9. What happend to the breeder??
    This must stop!!!
    Always money, money, money… and animals have to pay for this!!!!
    Please help them!!!
    Thank you xxx

  10. I straight up broke down crying when Jordan took his first step onto the grass… so heart wrenchingly beautiful! This is proof that we can all heal from traumatic experiences, thank you Jordan! ♡

  11. He couldn't have gone to a better couple, that sweet boy is going to be smothered with love till the day he dies.

  12. Love this amazing Rescue,along with my addictiveness to The Dodo..You never cease to make a Grey Sky Blue. I myself am presently in search of a New Dog Member to my Home, and it will never be from the Ad's I see online. I am at my local Rescue Center Regularly for the perfect fit for both the Dog and myself. I have now become a Pro as to being able to detect a Puppy Mill Animal…. They all need to be Shut Down. Thanks for all you do, Bless you all,, have a Happy, and Safe Summer, here in 2019.

  13. Who does a puppy or another animal mill should be in jail, permanently. Banned this practice. Just look how disgusting, and awful these creatures were in the cages. There's no heart, no love, or even conditions for the dogs. So moral of the story people, adopt, don't shop.

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