Unexpected Rescue and Restoration – REAL HORSE

Unexpected Rescue and Restoration - REAL HORSE
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Check my Animal Adventure on my New Channel 🙂
I got a phone Call a few days ago… There is little pony horse in really bad condition. No one wants to take care of him… is u or … nothing.
So yeah I got little pony horse now 🙂

I’ve decided to make a new channel only about my animals, rescues, my daily life and everything related to this topic 🙂
Link to this channel is here
U going to find updates how this little girl doing there 🙂


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  1. When you started grooming this little sweetie I could imagine her thinking "Aaaaahhh, now that feels GOOD!" And seeing her running she looks so happy! God bless you for helping this beautiful pony!

  2. Nice one. The pony, helpfully, seemed amenable – that’s an intelligent head. You say it’s a yearling, I wonder how many hands it will make as a mature animal? Subbed.

  3. Freedom! A shampoo and a bath. Nails polished. Mane clipped. And a bright eyed happy and beautiful horse. I didn’t want to watch this initially, as I can’t bear to see animals in pain, or distressed and /or depressed – but her transformation made my day and put a smile on my face.

  4. Awww!!! You can clearly see how he loves his Rescuer/New Owner. Beautiful heart with full of Love for the Animals. He's truly blessed by the Guidance and Love from Above. ??

  5. Sweet! Having been a horse owner, knowing it's a tough job, and a former animal shelter director who knows the heartache of seeing animals in such poor shape, kudos to you!! Glad he has a goat buddy!

  6. Man, I don't know anything about horses, so I took about 3 minutes to figure out that the first thing you used on him was a brush. It kinda looked like a weirdly shaped razor, and I got that feeling because so much fur was coming out…damn it was confusing.

  7. I "would have" preferred to see him "without" all that speed up of the film!! Annoying to see such a "kind & loving" hearted little pony like this, with a glorious brown color, that almost prefers to be more like a pet dog of sorts! He likes to run & play, easy to feed & water him, he has a new best friend, and all he will need is some future feet & body brushing and tons & tons of love!!

  8. Hi! Don't know what country you live in, but in Texas USA ❤?? there is a great product sold at livestock feed stores called Cowboy Magic.
    We have been doing equine rescue and rehab since 1992. Cowboy Magic has silk enzymes in it. I can rub it into a horse's mane or tail that has knots, leave it in for half an hour and the knots start untying themselves. Or you can put it on a comb or horse brush and gently comb through the mane or tail, bottom first. No need to cut the mane or tail off. It takes 2 years to grow back.
    I have waist length hair that really tangles doing ranch/farm work every day. A tube of it lasts for months and works great on human hair, too.
    How is little pony doing now?

    If you can get Cowboy Magic, don't buy the big bottle. It leaks all over the place. The tubes of Cowboy Magic work a lot easier and less mess. I can't live without it.
    If you were grooming me that fast and rough and I was a horse, I'd try to bite and kick you, too. Yes, I know you sped up the video. Cheers from Texas USA. ❤???

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