GoPro: Wingsuit Pilot Jeb Corliss on His Crash and Recovery

GoPro: Wingsuit Pilot Jeb Corliss on His Crash and Recovery
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Professional BASE jumper, Jeb Corliss, suffered a life threatening crash while proximity flying during a routine BASE jump. This is the story of his long road to recovery, his first jump back and the valuable life lesson learned along the way.

Shot on the HERO4® and HERO3 camera from ‪

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  1. 2:58 what is the dot on the screen when they froze the frame when he crashed? At first i thought it was a drone like they were gonna say he crashed into a drone and at 3:03 looks like he hits something. I kept going back in the video but it is just a blurry dot above the rocks. what is that?

  2. I have no problem with people doing stupid things. I have a probable with them encouraging other people to do the same with the subtle suggestion that you aren't living life if you don't. I see GoPro – be a Hero. Perhaps they should also add – or be a paraplegic.

  3. Dude. The sound of your breathing when you knocked yourself out scared me. So heavy and long and totally out. I thought you had a major head trauma. So glad you’re ok and able to continue to do what you love and are so great at! ♥️♥️♥️

  4. In my own personal view, anyone who does this wingsuit stuff and has any family, friends or loved ones is the most selfish person I can think of. When they inevitably die from this stastistically insanelz dangerous "hobby" they will leave only a trail of grief in their wake… all because they wanted to do some pointless adrenaline-inducing stunts. Not to mention the family and friends then will be compelled to watch the video evidence of their loved one dying one of the most pointless and avoidable deaths imaginable. Sad.

  5. Who really cares the guy's an idiot he has to be a totally idiot and all he's doing is taking up World Resources so we can figure around till he gets himself killed what a selfish piece of crap

  6. people do stupid things, and then when things go terribly wrong and they injure themselves they want to be regarded as a hero. but in reality they are just idiots .

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