REAL GHOST Caught on Camera | From The Mines – Web Series: Ep. 02

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With inexplicable things happening in the From The Mines Warehouse, Chris decides to bring Sherry, a medium, in to explore. After seeing a number of supernatural beings, Sherry confirms the definitive sighting of a real ghost caught on the warehouse security cameras.
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  1. I do Reiki and i am looking to get into mediumship, this video helped to release some fears I have with approaching negative energies.

  2. This was awesome. Helping spirits cross over can be scary, but it’s rewarding work. Make sure you keep yourself grounded. Spirits like to play mind games.

  3. Loved this video. Energy and spirits are always around us, but always keep in mind of those that don’t serve us and need help crossing. What has worked for me is to ‘claim’ my place w a cleanse and prayer and ask those to leave. Blessings on your new place 💓

  4. That is incredible footage you have their Chris. From someone who practices in the occult myself and have done so many seances, to see this on film and not just hear them speak on audio in full sentences is pretty incredible. Congrats. So glad you made this video. Seems like this old warehouse you were in is a portal. Especially when they are arriving there without an attachment to the property. How is the new location?

  5. There's no mystery Crystal's hold a lot of history and energy these rocks and minerals have been around way before mankind and they hold a lot of energy so are you doing is seeing and feeling the energy

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