What's wrong with these Drivers? Bad Driving Skills #772

What's wrong with these Drivers? Bad Driving Skills #772
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What’s wrong with these Drivers? Bad Driving Skills #772 – Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!
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  1. Biker on cellphone gets wacked by car because the last thing you need to do is pay attention when you're taking a corner at a busy intersection.

  2. Aluminum rims after tires, brakes, struts, shocks, etc., that has been repaired, must have the Lug nuts tightenned within 50 miles or 80 kilometers, otherwise sooner or later the tire breaks loose from the car. This is why tires are coming off vehicles..

  3. The more i see this type of videos, the more i think about how shitty Rusian and Asian drivers are like…how the fuck can you be that bad at driving?

  4. This is how most of us will get in a wreck.. Either rammed from behind because dude was texting and driving , or the old person type of switching lanes without even looking to see the car next to them

  5. Отовсюду надёргали видюх для хайпа: с тайваней, вон — на 1:20 даже Астрахань под новым мостом.

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