Rescue Dog Carries Senior Dog Best Friend On Walks | The Dodo + Clear The Shelters

Rescue Dog Carries Senior Dog Best Friend On Walks | The Dodo + Clear The Shelters
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Rescue Dog Loves To Take His Senior Best Friend On Walks | This sweet dog carries around his best friend who can’t walk. To help Tito’s rescuers save more senior dogs like him, you can support Wise Animal Rescue: Keep up with Tito and his family on Instagram: Help us #cleartheshelters this Saturday, 8/18. Visit to find participating shelters near you ❤️

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  1. How nice of her to adapt a senior dog… even as a dog lover im not sure if i would have taken in a 15 year old dog with medical issues

  2. Thank you for choosing to bring home two dogs and not only work tirelessly to save their lives but give them a loving home, food and health care..
    It takes a lot of hard work n unconditional love.
    Each one of these rescuers are blessed for life from the universe.🌹🌹
    Animal Activist.

  3. It makes me very annoyed to see the thumbs down on the videos of rescued dogs n their owners who give every bit of love and care for their recovery so they may live.
    Many of these dogs would have ended up dead on the streets n shelters…
    Those of you who can't appreciate the kindness n compassion between humans n animals…
    You must be very discontented , disgruntled pathetic people to see acts of goodness n put a dislike there…
    Your lives must be so shallow and empty.
    You are as much to be pitied for having it all and still look to find negativity.
    Morons is the one word description for you.

  4. Both of this breeds are typically maliciously stereotyped so it’s nice to see the two getting along and loving each other 😢

  5. What a fabulous lady to take in multiple rescue dogs. They give so much back no matter what life (usually vile humans) has thrown at them. Best of luck to you and your furry family. x

  6. 😭😭😭this is so cute♥️♥️♥️omg!!!!
    😭😭♥️😍♥️♥️♥️♥️😍😍♥️♥️😭😍♥️ I love youuuu

  7. Sweet, but I would look into a wheel cart for the little dog (doggy wheelchair). That way his front muscles won't waste away and it would be hard on Frank's back. They can walk near each other, still.

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