Purple Pittie Puppy Makes an INCREDIBLE Transformation | The Dodo Pittie Nation

Purple Pittie Puppy Makes an INCREDIBLE Transformation | The Dodo Pittie Nation
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When someone dumped this pit bull puppy at the shelter, he was covered in purple paint. With the love and hard work of Simba’s Paw Dog Rescue, he grew up to be SO handsome.

You can learn more about Simba’s Paw Dog Rescue on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Simbaspawdogrescue/.

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  1. Some dogs can be coloured purple when they are targets for animal fighting arenas, its most common for them to do it to cats, but dogs too. So it’s might possibly be a target for an animal fighting arena.

  2. Such a Sweet loving pittie💜💜💜💜. I just wanna hug and love him. God Bless. I am so Happy Prince found Warm Loving Forever Home.

  3. That purple stuff probably was Kaliumpermanganat (Potassium Permanganate) or Gentian Violet – both are used to heal/dry out skin infections, e.g. secondary bacterial infections in eczema skin… What a beautiful Puppy! 😍🐶

  4. OMG 😮! What a handsome pup Prince turned out to be (…he was precious even before his transformation). God bless the rescuer(s) and his adoptive parents. EVERY dog /cat/pet deserves to be loved ❤️ !

  5. Awwe I love pit bulls so much, people think they are vicious but it depends if you give them love or not. I’m result of love they turn out to my my baby girl who’s 5 and very loving towards humans and dogs! Don’t assume what u don’t know

  6. Omg idk how that happened to that poor dog but he is so beautiful because purple is a nice color. Thank goodness he’s okay though and all that paint got out soon enough. Looks super fluffy, too! ^w^

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