Huge Platter of Sri Lankan Food – ONCE IN A LIFETIME Family Meal in Colombo, Sri Lanka!

Huge Platter of Sri Lankan Food - ONCE IN A LIFETIME Family Meal in Colombo, Sri Lanka!
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COLOMBO, SRI LANKA – Final meal in Sri Lanka, and Ruzaina’s relatives invited us over to their home to eat a once in a lifetime Sri Lankan food. The complexity of the dish, the different layers and dishes that it consisted of, and the love in the cooking and the preparation was the recipe for what made this meal and Sri Lankan food so memorable.

This dish represents Sri Lankan on a single massive platter!

Thank you to Ruzaina ( and her amazing family for hosting us and for preparing this outstanding meal for us.

Thank you for watching this Sri Lankan food video! You can watch the entire Sri Lanka food and travel series here:


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  1. No way u can taste the dishes this way. Its all mixed together and going to kill the taste of each dish. Its a common sense but the lady tried to show off for video. The disgusting thing is she sounded like this is the way the traditional way of serving food, so uneducated, sad.

  2. Such a great video 😊 Thank you for showing the beauty and hospitality of my lovely country( all SL videos are awesome) ❤️So much eager to visit my land soon😊

    I have watched almost all your videos,this is the best ever food & travel channel😀Keep going😊😊😊

  3. The curries look delicious separately.. But i am curious if they can get any taste of the curries when everything is mixed..if the mixture spoil the taste of those curries!?

  4. But one opinion I have to say in Sri Lanka..the foods over here weather Sinhala , Tamil , Muslim and Christians all the comunity the foods are so delicious and they all has there own style of making it…really delicious and very different

  5. What a beautiful country with beautiful people and culture. Love the hospitality that was shown here. I bet you enjoyed your time in Sri Lanka Mark!!

  6. Mark weins u are use to eat delicious food and visit the world.Enjoys your tour, earn money through videos.But what we can do is just watch your videos & like them.😔😝

  7. Brindleberry an amalgamation of so many vegetables Cocoanut salads Apart from variety of seafoods such as tuna, shrimp, seafish combined with spices and condiments is extremely fantastic quite amazing making mouth watery the dainty food smaking the lips and tasty buds sweety and atracious indeed. Thanks Mark Wiens for a. Wonderful and precious video .May the Almighty shower his benign blessings for your generosity and magnitude of your inspiration in the interest of public at large.

  8. Dude, What`s the deal with this girl? You & food ranger got a good deal? Other than that, no convincing reason to hire her. She has zero knowledge about Sri Lankan food.

  9. The food looked amazing as always but did you guys notice the plates?? They were beautiful as well! Perfect plates to showcase the amazing food!! ❤️

  10. Awesome food plates u have shown @Merck….I feel these Sri Lankan foods r much better than thai foods which u share….I hope u don't mind Merck😀

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