After living under a dumpster for 11 months, this dog gets rescued and goes from SAD to HAPPY!

After living under a dumpster for 11 months, this dog gets rescued and goes from SAD to HAPPY!
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Cowboy is a Blue Heeler who was abandoned in Compton, CA. For 11 months he was fed by a Good Samaritan, and one day she stumbled upon our rescue videos. The next step was a phone call to Hope For Paws, and shortly after that he was saved from life on the streets.

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  1. I am from Down Under and many of these dogs are on the cattle stations. They certainly are so smart and just NEED room to run and round up things. I’ve even seen one rounding up children. Don’t buy one if you don’t have the space or time to train it and exercise it. The most loyal of dogs in the fiercest way.

  2. I want to Jordan lots of homeless wild
    dogs I saw dog trying to help give some food started barking try to calm him down but gets more aggressive few minutes later round 8 dogs came try to attack me I have to run away for my life very sad how many homeless dogs

  3. Heelers have a special place in my heart and he looks like a gem, can’t believe how many dogs are dumped by their owners it just blows my mind.

  4. Good grief, a QLD cattle dog. So smart, so loyal, and the best working dog along with Kelpies. They will want to work until they drop and us country folk have to dump them in the dam or trough to make them cool down and drink. Whoever abandoned this dog has no idea how smart these dogs are. They almost read your thoughts and will round up anything from cattle to sheep to ducks and even your children. Love them.

  5. I'm a simple man, I open a Hope For Paws video and I immediately give a Thumbs Up before it even starts to play.

  6. Poor thing has dirt in his eyes.I hate the thought of all the dogs and cats….hungry,injured,scared,cold and alone.Makes my heart ache ?

  7. What a beautiful Australian Cattle, I have a Blue Heeler as well, I can't imagine my baby living in the streets by herself. So happy people like you guys are still out there giving love to the poor animals that need it the most <3

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