Idiots Delivery Workers – Delivery Funny Fails (USPS, FedEx, UPS)

Idiots Delivery Workers - Delivery Funny Fails (USPS, FedEx, UPS)
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Idiots Delivery Workers – Funny Delivery Fails (USPS, FedEx, UPS) – Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!

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  1. 2:32 Please choose your shipping method from the following options. Overnight Express, 2nd Day Air, Ground, or Just Fuck My Shit Up.

  2. ??thoes job look easy from the outset but it's very difficult and very stressful job that the company is pushing them to deliver they don't have a lot of times more than a few seconds for each package

  3. I drive for Fedex Freight and I have to dodge, avoid, ignore, disregard, and try not to hit idiots in cars all day long.

  4. the older drivers have retired they showed respect and treated your package like it was theres the young ones don,t care a f I had 3 pkgs suppose to be sent by ups I waited and waited called the places I ordered them from they said they have been sent back they sent them again called again they been sent back I ususally get my mail at post office but I do have a home address so I put up a mail box guess what they stuck them in my mail box they were to damn lazy to get out of truck before and bring them to my home so they sent them back I have house numbers own the front of my home like they could not see them before

  5. I drive doubles all the time in ice I’ve come close to flipping the back box you have to apply the trailer brakes then give it throttle to straightener out it is crazy when have to do it and be by yourself then pull over and change your pants

  6. FedEx driver was a BOSS! Serious skill there. I’ve been hauling doubles for 15 years and I tip my hat to that driver, for sure!

  7. If you have an affair with a mail man, make sure he isn't on your route when you call it off. Otherwise say goodbye to your mailbox

  8. Instead of recording the guy, "pushing an oven." Turn your phone off as you drive, wave him down, then let him know there's a box in front of his truck. No wait, I've wasted time typing this.

  9. Oh no. The USPS guy who tossed the packages from an office into the back of his truck. Surreptitiously being taped. That guy fits the description of "angry balding white male" taking his aggression out on packages, now. He will be fired soon for his attitude. Next he'll be on the evening news for taking a gun back to his former place of work. Sound familiar?

  10. That UPS driver did a little pre-unemployment dance and fitness exercise prior to also doing a little jail time. UPS will terminate his employment then file theft charges against him. Love it, that little shit!

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