NEAR DEATH CAPTURED…!!! [Wk 15] | Ultimate Near Death Video Compilation 2019 | Fail Department

NEAR DEATH CAPTURED...!!! [Wk 15] | Ultimate Near Death Video Compilation 2019 | Fail Department
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EVERY WEEK the newest and latest NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCES and CLOSE CALLS captured by Gopro and Camera. We’ll show you what can go wrong in life when you live your life to the extreme or just living it. All of the people in the videos survived. Enjoy our videos and don’t forget to drop a LIKE.

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  1. 07:02 on the rocking-ship – "Woah, it's time to ABDICATE the area" – some people really do get carried away with themselves on cut-price winter cruises, eh !

  2. Really?! These are "Near Death" experiences. . . I tripped over a curb today, too bad someone wasn't recording, I could have been on this channel. Smfh

  3. The one with the cruise ship wasn't actually that bad. Had they secured everything to the deck, everything would be fine.

  4. Avalanches are so dangerous, and they are usually going to pick up more snow on the way down! Snow seems soft because it is mostly air, but a body trapped under snow cannot breath and will soon become asphyxiated. If you are covered in snow, wiggle your arms loose enough to scrape out a space around your nose and mouth to breathe; you will have a little time before you use up the oxygen in that space. There isn't a lot of time to think what to do but if you can, stick up a ski pole which is lighter weight and may be able to mark where you are. Better yet, don't go into avalanche country without the safety devices on you, made for avalanche rescue! Dogs (with the rescue team) can smell you 6' down under the snow, so they certainly increase your chance of survival.
    Spinning in the air in sky-diving is difficult to stop unless you know what you are doing!
    And the stupid guy on the train, just daring one of those wires to be electrically charged!
    And at 6:52 on, most ocean liners today have nearly everything bolted to the deck in case of listing problems or rolling seas. Clearly this one didn't, and had NO BUSINESS out in rough seas like that!

  5. You Muricans don’t have extreme sport…in Russia we drive flaming car in ice lake and dance top of moving train while dodge high voltage wire…that EXTREME!!!

  6. Why don't they just fixed the furnishings in the ships.? Maybe they will charge to the customers later.

  7. @6:45, why weren't the people on that cruise mandated to return to their cabins for safety? I was on a cruise that encountered a hurricane at sea and it was just like this but we were mandated to our cabins. It was still scary and we kept rolling off our beds, but it's safer than being around all that moving stuff.

  8. The bear video was not near death. It was a group of people that were with Rangers that new what to do. And for all you idiots saying "Bears speak English" that was for the benefit of approaching people, not the bears.

  9. too bad the stupid russian who jumped the car into the lake didn't drown… so stupid… and the oil / fuel in the sea… dumbass…

  10. Our budget only stretches to 3 bolt down plates so lets do the piano, I'm pretty sure nothing else will slide around anyway, especially not these HUGE ROUND CONCRETE GARDENS

  11. Лавина сходит. Оператор ноет. Русский приказывает брать лопаты )

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