STUPID DRIVERS and ROAD RAGE caught on camera #689

STUPID DRIVERS and ROAD RAGE caught on camera #689
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  1. I don't get why people gotta be rushing all the time. If it's an emergency I get it but if your just impatient just take a breath and relax. You might not always be on time but I'd rather be a little late then get into an accident possibly sustain some injuries and have my car damaged bad enough to where I can't drive it. Without a car you'll fersure be late.

  2. ?? the clip at 2:47 made me laugh out loud !! That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen lol I don’t even know what to say it’s just plain hilarious to watch the guy get smacked by a windshield wiper blade that is by no means supposed to be where it is

  3. Obviously, some of these are stupid drivers but many are clear cases of aquaplaning cars on wet or icy and snowy roads. Still good viewing…..

  4. 8:40 мудила на дастере варежку раскрыл, зевака ебучий, за что справедливо получил пиздюдей. Ненавижу таких уебков, из-за которых пробки и создаются.

  5. The flipping pedestrians just walking out in front of cars drives me nuts! That's the illogical extension of pedestrians have the right of way. Forcing cars to make hard stops with little warning is never going to be a good thing, and even when the first car gets stopped in time, the one behind them likely saw nothing of the person, and they'll plow right into the stopped car, like we saw several times in this video, and almost every compilation.

  6. Stop with the music…it's like being put on hold and having to listen to crap while you wait. I'd rather listen to the crash sounds, thanks.

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