Bad Drivers USA – North American driving fails & Road Rage in America #32 (Only US dashcam)

Bad Drivers USA - North American driving fails & Road Rage in America #32 (Only US dashcam)
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Bad Drivers USA – North American driving fails & Road Rage in America #32 (Only US dashcam) – Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!
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  1. 8:02 "I see I need to make a sudden stop, let me take my foot off of my rear brake and apply it to the ground at hwy speeds – down shift to 2nd gear and dump the clutch – I will not need this front brake at all – I am going to make it"

  2. 1:22 wtf was he doing? Wasn't watching the road, would have seen that idiot in the Mustang and been able to break if he were actually watching the ROAD!

  3. He thought Trump was going to do something about all those damn CANADIANS?!!? If this guy is SERIOUS, he has just proven how serious a mental illness Trump Derangement Syndrome really IS!!! This man's symptoms are acute and disturbing. Those were DUCKS, not Canadians!!! But thanks to Trump's presidency, this twisted guy is seeing "damn Canadians" all over the place!!! But why "Canadians???" What the hell do CANADIANS have to do with the Trump presidency??? And how many OTHER animals has this deranged whack-job mistaken for "damn Canadians!?!?" And should a guy this "whacked out" be driving an automobile??? Me thinks "NO!!!"
    DAMN those rotten jay-walking CANADIANS!!!

    And why hasn't Trump done anything to capture and kill South Park's ManBearPig???

  4. Russian videos are better. These are not as spectacular… I don't know if people are safer because American roads are too wide, or if people drive better in America.

  5. As I canadian, I am hurt and offended by the last clip. And now I will go and get my feelings checked at the hospital for free as we have free medical. Oh wait. You guys don't. ???

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