Little Boy's Best Friend In The World Is His Rescue Dog | The Dodo Kid's Best Friend

Little Boy's Best Friend In The World Is His Rescue Dog | The Dodo Kid's Best Friend
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Little Boy’s Best Friend In The World Is His Rescue Dog |This couple rescued a puppy right after they got back from their honeymoon — and once he grew up, Toby became a big brother! Now Carter loves Toby more than anything, and says the SWEETEST things to tell his parents about their friendship

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  1. My best friend in the ENTIRE Universe is my pet Tarantula Cinnamon, so I understand having a dog as your best friend. I cannot think about her death, and I break down every time I think about it. Our friendship and how we're together affects me everyday. We are stuck together forever. So close, but so far away…She's my BEST FRIEND and I don't want anything to happen to her.

  2. I wish all animals lived as long as us humans ??? because my BEST friend was a lizard, but he past away at only a few weeks old. Same as my cat… he passed away at only 9 years old ?????

  3. Carter is a very intelligent little man I’m glad you guys are a healthy happy family (btw it’s ironic cuz my dogs name is carter)

  4. Very sweet relationship. Carter is a very bright, little guy, and Toby is amazing – he looks like he has some Shepherd in him, so protecting his Peeps is all in a day's work. Love the Birthday Cake.

  5. Im always enjoying these videos that the dodo be posting and it inspired me to be a rescuer and a foster parent and im only 16 . keep up to good work! ?

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