Leopard Lady Living With Wild Cats | BEAST BUDDIES

Leopard Lady Living With Wild Cats | BEAST BUDDIES
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FOR this conservationist, there is only one way to start her day – by hanging out with leopards. Babette De Jonge, 50, founded Wild Cats World in 2010 to help conserve endangered big cats, such as leopards, black-footed cats and African wildcats. Based in Kirkwood, South Africa, the sanctuary, started in 2012, is home to four leopards, and one cub, cheetahs, servals, caracals and Africa’s smallest cat – the black-footed cat. By building up a mutual respect with the leopards – who were rescued from exploitation – Babette has been able to work hands on with them during their rehabilitation.

Video Credits:
Videographer / director: James Jones
Producer: Hannah Stevens, Ruby Coote
Editor: Grant Hanson-Vaux

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  1. We're just fascinated with the humans & wild animals bonding but in reality these people just upload these videos to attract rich people who think spending money on these animals will help them sleep better at night while. ✌️

  2. How are the cats acquired? If they are placed there after being seized from an illegal operation, they are rescued. If they are bought from game farms for example, they are not rescued, they are purchased.

  3. Leopard is one of my Favorite Animals. It's awesome how gentile they are with you. It's disturbing that poachers are killing these Cats for their furs because of society's pressures due to financial stress on people. Also, expansion of land developers who only think about money in which it places Leopards, Jaguars or other wild animals close to civilization. Leopards along with many, many other Large cats are becoming extinct due to this and because people lose their livestock only because of expansion & growth in societies that Humans become these very beautiful Cats worst enemies, like the Siberian Tiger which is also being hunted and becoming extinct. It's a crying shame. Thank you for your hard work and dedication along with love for them. Peace, Grace & Mercy to you all.

  4. What excellent examples of nature's purrfect killing machines. I am enamoured, they are perfect. Thanks for doing excellent work

  5. I personally believe these cats are descended from jaguars who left the Americas thousands of years ago to the old world aka Asia Europe and Africa

  6. They say it is their goal to release those animals back into the wild but have they done so successfully in the past? A leopard being used to humans feeding him for years might not shy away from appoaching humans after its release. That's potentially lethal to both sides of such an encounter.

  7. Leopards are man-eaters and will hunt humans in the wild. They are very very dangerous. She has more guts than most people I have seen who work with the big cats. Even if tamed at a young age, and seemingly non-aggressive, leopards can turn on their handlers without warning. They remain vicious wild animals – beautiful and graceful and must be protected at all costs. They are the jewels of the bush. Join the fight against poaching of Africa's wild animals.

  8. This reminds me of this show I used to love, fatal attractions, people being eaten by big cats and poisonous snakes and crocodiles and hippos and the like.

    Think I'll watch it again, to convince myself NOT to adopt a big cat myself.

  9. If you make them your friend, the chance of success in the wild is much less. They will lose their fear of humans and end up shot. Only apes are better at being released because they eat trees. Apes are great except for chimps. Chimps are dangerous. Stay away from adult chimpanzees.

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