Feral Senior Cat Becomes A Total Mama's Boy – MR. BELVEDERE | The Dodo

Feral Senior Cat Becomes A Total Mama's Boy - MR. BELVEDERE | The Dodo
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Feral Senior Cat Becomes A Total Mama’s Boy | Love turned this feral senior tomcat into a kitten again. You can keep up with Mr. Belvedere and all of his adventures on Instagram, tomcatbelvedere: https://thedo.do/MrBelvedere. Special thanks to Lindsay for her help: https://thedo.do/tabbycat. To learn more about Coastal Bend Cat Rescuers and how you can help, check out then out on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CoastalBendCats/.

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  1. My grandmother (who was like a Saint Francis with animals) started feeding a feral Persian cat and though he would disappear for months some times, and stay for months at others. I would say he lived over fifteen years.
    He would show up all matted and dirty and only allowed her to cut his fur or hold him. He never really hissed at anyone, but seemed to only enjoy her company alone.

  2. You gals are awesome!
    Love and light to you for doing what most people would never even consider, ….. finding and coaxing the trust and love out of a feral cat that obviously needed help and quite possibly actually asked for it in his own way.
    Just because animals are of second density and people are of third doesn’t mean they don’t have feelings…. they do and you already knew this.
    You RocK!!! And so does Mr. Belvedere!
    What a great thing you did!! ??

  3. I have a feral cat in my home now that is very old. She went deaf so I snuck up behind her and carried her inside. Now she wants to be petted all the time and has taken over the queen size bed in the guest room. He name is Whitey ford because we first thought she was a boy and she has no teeth now but she loves us and we love her. If she does go out the door she comes right back in with a look like It's too cold or it's blazingly hot out there!!!! You never know when love will come walking in your door.

  4. Sorry whats FIV positive never heard of that as I own an orange tabby kitty as well but never heard of such a thing? What is that a disease? Cancer what?

  5. I've done this as well. Colony/community/feral cats do not trust humans. It takes patience,a soft voice and consistency to win them over.

  6. I like the rescue and all, but cats really are not "indoor" animals, they are .. cats.
    Cats like to be outside.

  7. I just adopted a 9 year old cat .. but he is hiding under the bed , sofa and doesnt want to eat :((((( i dont know what to do ?

  8. Damn- now I’m crying. This story is so heartwarming. Mr B’s transformation was remarkable. He looks like he’s part mountain lion-very regal. I could not believe he was playing like a kitten! He is living his very best life! You two are angels for rescuing him and giving him the second chance that he could never have imagined in his 10+ years.

  9. He is one Cool looking Cat. He is a street urchin he’s very wise and understands the vast improvement in his life. He loves you that’s plain to see. Gob Bless

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