AWESOME MINI TRUCKS – Amazing Hand Made Mini Semi Trucks with Engine. part 2

AWESOME MINI TRUCKS - Amazing Hand Made Mini Semi Trucks with Engine. part 2
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AWESOME MINI TRUCKS – Amazing Hand Made Mini Semi Trucks with Engine. part 2 – Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!

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  1. The most awesome one isn't in the vid. It's a scale replica of a KW dump truck done by the employees of KW for their retiring president (some years ago) It doesn't just look the part, is exact and about the size of a normal pickup

  2. this is highway patrol,the scales are open and you all didn't stop,need your CDL,e log,and manifest

  3. I've been building one of these for almost a year and I've had to custom fabricate everything because I have high expectations for myself and something that my 4 year old is going to drive around. I've found fiberglass body kits which are nothing more than go-kart bodies like some of these trucks had. I personally couldn't find a retailer to make a high quality truck like some of these, others may have been able to and I hope someone out there does make these commercially available at a decent price because they would sell, albeit a niche market, but they would still move.

    I have a 3 cylinder diesel engine and a 2 cylinder Johnny Popper out of a Model A John Deere that I've had for parts since I was a kid, the 2 cylinder Johnny Popper has torque for days but the 3 cylinder diesel engine would allow me to run a compressor etc, so I'm torn between the two. One day I'll have it finished and be able to join the ranks with a completed video ^_^

  4. You have to admire the creativity dedication and knowledge of the folks who build these little trucks. Thank you for sharing your video.

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