Hood fights (Girl fight) New) Girl Run up Got the Hair Beat Out Her Head 2018

Hood fights (Girl fight) New) Girl Run up Got the Hair Beat Out Her Head 2018
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Hood fights, girls fighting, worldstar fights, street fights, fighting, worldstar,girls fights, fighting,Please stop the violence!!!! This is me bringing awareness to the problems going on in our neighborhoods!!! VIEWERS discretion is advised!!! Like comment and subscribe!!! WORLDSTAR!! Cat fight!! Girl fights! Hood fight 2018

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  1. The hoes in these videos can never fight. That one hand punching like you pounding a nail into a wall and the other hand grabbing onto clothes or hair is comical. Ya'll dont even hold your fists the right way and wonder why your nails break LOL.

  2. That's called an. A** whooping, you should have let it go but instead you trying to be hard in front of your homegirls and people who was out there and you got served. You win some and lose some, you just lost that one that day.

  3. Why is it in every fight being recorded, the one taping is moving around so much like they are the ones fighting? Hold your shit steady if u going to record lol!

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