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  1. I don't get I dislike Even tho I'm a kid this is so so sad fighting in front of children why not just chess down and why the hole GODDAMN street had to see a fight that's why hood rats only fight when ppl around because if they lose ppl got there back it's super sad tf is this shit ps they can not fight

  2. honestly, I was more concerned about those kids. I'm thinking "where are your parents???" nope. couldn't do it. if I'm having that one on one, I refuse to do it around all them babies. not safe

  3. opinions r like assholes everybody has 1 it is stupid but id rather c a fight then a dead body the funny part 2 rhe people its so diagusting 2 wtf r YOU WATCHING IT Y DID YOU CLICK ON HOOD FIGHTS. ASK THAT ?

  4. Im so glad my parents didn't bring me up in a community like that. I'm so glad my parents decided to get an education for me and my siblings. I'm so glad my parents taught me respect and class. this video makes me so appreciative.

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