Voices of SeaWorld®: Animal Rescue | SeaWorld®

Voices of SeaWorld®: Animal Rescue | SeaWorld®
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In this new “Voices of SeaWorld®” webisode, rescuers at SeaWorld® and partner organizations share details of their life calling, including often dropping everything on a moment’s notice to help injured, sick and orphaned wild animals. Also, in addition to humans who help, the marine animals at SeaWorld® also contribute to efforts to save their wild counterparts.

The “Voices of SeaWorld®” webisodes interview more than 60 zoological professionals across the U.S. — SeaWorld® employees and other conservationists — about their lives rescuing and conserving marine animals.

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  1. Oh so that gives them the right to TAKE orcas and dolphins that are perfectly healthy out of the sea? Slaves to seaworld!!!🐬🐋😢

  2. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!  Love your dedication, was so thrilled to be at Seaworld last February and going back next April–these people know what "boots on the ground" truly mean for wildlife conservation!

  3. Typically what would happen is that if the animal is to injured to be returned to it's habitat then seaworld is held responsible for that animal and does everything they can to take care of the animal at their parks. Sea world truly has a bigger than normal heart for any animal.

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