Chicken Shawarma | Shawarma Recipe | Nawab'sKitchen

Chicken Shawarma | Shawarma Recipe | Nawab'sKitchen
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Yummy chicken Shawarma for poor kids by Moin bhai.

Shawarma is a Levantine form of meat preparation, where chicken, lamb, beef, veal, or a combination of these meats are grilled on a spit for up to one full day. This meat is then typically placed inside a flatbread, along with hummus, tahini, pickled cabbage, or other


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  1. See. I absolutely support ur work. But please dont attract something by putting up a thumbnail mentioning "poor children". Children can never be poor! Stop such kind of sympathies. Its irritating to point out kids with these words. U got that Mr. Nawab?

  2. This is not shawarma, this is just a roll, sour cream and not mayo is used, this is not even shawarma roti, chicken is fried here ,it should be roasted instead and why did he fry the veggies? Otherwise good humanitarian work

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