Hyenas kill lion – Lions vs hyenas – Animal Fights

Hyenas kill lion - Lions vs hyenas - Animal Fights
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  1. always good to know when to count your losses and walk away or run away. The lioness was not fighting, Not hiding and not running away. Just roaring as if Hyenas Understand Lion Language?

  2. What are all these people in the comments talking about bite forces for? That has nothing to do with anything – a snapping turtle has a massive bite force, higher even than hyenas but its not top of the food chain. Hyenas bites are for crushing bones at carcasses – it doesn't mean they can dominate the serengetti, though they are clearly the 2nd top predator species on the food chain. Lions clearly are the dominant predators in Africa, but a lioness is susceptible to attack from 3 or more hyenas

  3. Esse ultimo video a leoa nem correu é porquê não mostrou o final pra vê se ela ela correu depois ou não se não correu as hienas matou ela

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