What's wrong with these Drivers? #817

What's wrong with these Drivers? #817
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What’s wrong with these Drivers? #817 – Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!
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  1. What's wrong with these drivers? Speeding; not watching where they're going; on the wrong side of the road; probably intoxicated; that's what's wrong.

  2. Last 1 was classic. Adult allows their child to drive(probably w/o permit or license) and they cause an accident. To cover his ass he has the child switch to the passenger seat and he starts driving (not realizing everything's on dashcam)

  3. 7:498:25 lmao big guy mouths off to little guy, gets his ass kicked. big guy didn't learn the first time, so little guy beats his ass again, and as the 4 other guys pull the little guy off, little guy gives big guy a parting boot to the face. any guesses as to whether big guy learned anything?…lol

  4. What's wrong with these drivers. I can tell you. Phones and not enough sleep. and People getting confused with flappy paddle gearboxes. If i had a quid for everytime someone lost control of the throttle. 89% women?iD have a few quid. !!

  5. Amazing footage! I'm making my wife watch this right now… ?. Me, I've had zero accidents at age 59. I love these videos because they're tutorials on how not to be a bad driver!

  6. Most of these drivers should have their driving licence revoked for at least 1 year. And some should not be allowed to drive a car ever.

  7. Remember kids: It's ALWAYS better to veer left and hit the car coming at you in a head-on collision than it is to run into the back of the car in front of you!

  8. Wreck at 6:40 — Way back when that highway was being built "Let's put a huge thick guard rail in the median! In case a car goes out of control…." … "Oh wait, we're out of money! OK, we'll put some weak little metal fences in spots because people will ONLY go out of control where the thick guard rail is….." From the actual video: <car goes out of control after about a mile of guard rail, hits spot with weak little fence…..>

  9. I truly wanna know how some of these drivers survived period. I love all the videos, but it makes me wonder how people survive on a daily basis. majority of these accidents are caused by looking into Lalaland and not using a fraction of common sense and not paying attention at all. It's unreal xD

  10. Вот блять овца доипалась со своей дибильной камерой.ме-ме-ме у меня же тоже ребёнок.Вот и пусть нахер дальше едет со своим ребёнком яжемать тупорылая.

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