Most Idiot Car & Semi truck Drivers on Dashcam – Stupid City Racers in Traffic & Road Rage 2017 #597

Most Idiot Car & Semi truck Drivers on Dashcam - Stupid City Racers in Traffic & Road Rage 2017 #597
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Most Idiot Car & Semi truck Drivers on Dashcam – Stupid City Racers in Traffic & Road Rage 2017 #597 – Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!

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  1. I like how you casually sneak a few clips from previous videos into every video, just to bolster them up and make them that much longer. Don't think we don't notice.

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  3. You know i see some pretty stupid Drivers in teh State that I live in, but no matter How many times I watch these Drivers in Russia, I still to this day Can't figure how why or how they would think of doing what some of the people do….Like The classic passing on the shoulder at 200MPH! then losing control,, if your going to pass on the shoulder why the hell go so fast?

  4. That last one was kinda cool.
    Although i would have not wanted to be the driver having thousands of volts of raw electricity touching my vehicle that it explodes the tire.

  5. чаще всего проблеммы из-за скорости и дистанции. соблюдай одно и другой и проблем будет меньше.

  6. Im waiting for all the assholes to start shit about how all motorcyclist are stupid… all while completely disregarding all the moronic vehicles drivers in the video.

  7. Those crosswalks with the blue signs look like they cause a good amount of accidents. In California our non intersection crosswalks have a button that u press and lights flash on the major ones….also why can't they have a simple crosswalk system for intersections seems dumb to not

  8. It seems to me a lot of these accidents could have been easily avoided.  Some cars just hit other cars for spite.  There were several where, if the car had just slowed down or stopped, it could have been avoided.  That last one though. O_O

  9. My favourites are the ones where the idiot, driving like an idiot, then loses control and wipes out, without hitting anyone else. Natural justice.

  10. I like that last clip. Guy in the car watching was very cautious, staying way back–smart. Then BZZZZZT~! And he backs away like "NOP NOP NOP NOP NOP"
    Sucks for the owner of that truck, though, as those tires are pretty friggin' expensive to replace.

  11. hey CC Tube, one suggestion I think me and a lot of other followers would appreciate is if you could number all the videos. it'd make it a lot easier for us to talk about them in the comments, just an improvement id love to see. keep up the good work!

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