TOTAL IDIOTS AT WORK! Forklift Fails 2017

TOTAL IDIOTS AT WORK!  Forklift Fails 2017
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TOTAL IDIOTS AT WORK! Forklift Fails 2017 – Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!
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  1. The amount of forklift fail videos in the wild astounds me. It's like everyone knows this shit happens all the time and record their workmates with their phones every day… I'm a bit sad now.

  2. 0:08 – No words for that, at all.
    0:23 – Total inexperience, next.
    0:42 – Load wasn't even secured by any means.
    0:55 – And that boys and girls, is why forklifts have load limits.
    1:19 – Again, load limits.
    1:36 – Ditto
    2:26 – That's why dock in and dock out exists
    2:52 – Those pesky load limits.
    3:00 – Going too fast and not watching what you're doing
    3:10 – Always make sure you're clear while you're lowering your forks.
    3:52 – The problems I see here are the pallets are stacked way too high to the point they lean which causes uneven weight distribution which will cause stuff to tip and break. Always remember the center point of gravity on an object.
    4:02 – That probably wouldn't have happened had you had the forks under your bottom pallet, dummy.
    4:08 – And THAT is why shrink wrap was invented.
    4:27 – Leaning caused that problem obviously. Pretty much doomed from the start.
    4:55 – Pure carelessness
    5:16 – NO!!!! That is just beyond stupid. You never ever take more than one pallet at a time.
    5:38 – I forgot my brain at home today.
    6:04 – Again, shrink wrap is your friend.
    6:17 – A lot of company shrink was created that day.

    And really, while this all may seem funny, some of these people could've been seriously hurt or even killed. 5:16 is a good example of this. This is why only trained and licensed personnel should be operating forklifts.

  3. are they qualified to drive those things, this is why automated warehouses do away with dumb arse forklift drivers costing their employers thousands of dollars in damages & lost revenue

  4. wthfck !! this wass me jobb before 4 years i never wass acident one thime this people on video is so stupid whithout experience ???

  5. Nos harías un super favor?… Pásanos sus nombres y apellidos de estos operarios para ponerlos en nuestra base de datos en la carpeta "Peligrosos" "No contratar jamás"… ?‍♂️

  6. So all of the Lowe's employees are just standing around filming instead of trying to give him directions or or tell him to stop or whatever and I thought customer service was terrible at Walmart

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