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  1. I had no clue that I would be watching this like a unparalleled treasure in 2019—when dear Jenny Wiley had already lived OVER 4 1/2 months longer than vet thought she would and After I lost darn near every thing but Her (bad divorce). God is good,often when people are not. Thank you, Trisha

  2. To nice.lady.who.asked about.Jenny. in 2015 she had.bladder entirely full.struvite stones, can only. Do prescription months, I didn't have the$ 2000 for surgery, after prescription,I.started making food and researching all time.and.tweaking her meals I made ,got her urine back.normal,in Oct.2017, and.bladder entirely cleared of stones (she. Still has recurrent infections eye,ear,from falling in yard sinkhole in 2012-that is when the.infections (not bladder issue)started. Anyways, the vet was.shocked to see.the tumor,Jenny just.started having first. This past weekend diarrhea, I started doing diarrhea bland-diet,Sunday had improvement but her.feces,then later that day, urine looked had some pink tinged,by next day,Monday, definitely see both feces and urine, but, appetite good and no vomiting yet. Bladder cancers (esp. up almost all inside bladder)in dogs don't have good survival rates,don't respond chemo and other radiation etc,hers seemed grow fast (last year.her bladder was.clear.of anything). She's had.many things split/divorce-rhe cataracts and glaucoma ,infections from ditch sinkhole(I was with in.those.peole.backyard),arthritis worsen,the bladder stones( study bible group pray.for.her then in 2015,I had car.then and got to attend the Sat.nignt group for over35yr,divorce, widow,single–but,cannot attend as.have no car and bus doesn't run late enough, my church,etc.However,,I witnessed the power of the.gospel perhaps.the.most,when they didn't make fun of me or belittle me for my prayer.request (everyone'.would for my dogs health. God surely heard it and Jenny has continued to lived now over 3yrs more. since then! I'm selfish to want more,she's all I have now,She's just a nice dog, people are drawn to her demeanor and she loves kids..Guess we don't want lose-our good pets or good people-cause we need goodness and more of it! Blessings, Trisha

  3. My sweet girl Jenny Wiley in first chorus "oh what fun it is to ride"(they gave her a male voice!!?),she's was so happy wagging her tail. Much.has.changed ,in 2011,I got my girl in the.divorce,he got about everything else,now.Jenny is.blind,arthritis, has.gone thru lot and just found out,she.has a very large tumor cancer in bladder I am doing 'hospice'care (I was a.people RN,medically retired now)-she still likes to eat. Doctor doesn't expect her make it to Christmas, maybe not even two days,but,she is still.happy to always be literally right by me.Over.eleven million people have seen this's little part which will be a jewel in legacy. I COULDN'T have made it this long after losing all I hard.for-she-has never complained that we live in a not so great place and have had.2 cars messed up(one witness hit by unlicensed driver)-now have no car. She loves riding in cars, we traveled thru 8 states and thousands of miles in 2012 be safer. NOW Texas (6yrs)cause NONE.of MY Ex's Live In Texas)-we were unlucky in my home state.of.kentucky-terrorized literally-and my Jenny stuck by me and never.complained. He never liked my rescue dog(got her.2009).Jenny-I got the closest thing to feeling the grace of Jesus in a dog that I have ever ever experienced. My treasure has been her. Her love has been more than any family I have-that betrayed who loves you.will love you with a.profound richness you don't usually REALLY have from people. ,Trisha

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