Rescue Cat LOVES Swimming In The Ocean | The Dodo

Rescue Cat LOVES Swimming In The Ocean | The Dodo
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Rescue Cat Loves Swimming In The Ocean With Her New Family | This rescue cat decided to try swimming in the ocean with her parents — and turns out she LOVES IT ??

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  1. Black cats are SO awesome. We have 2. The 1 that's most attached to me follows me everywhere. I have to put a TV tray w/a blanket on it beside mine while I eat & work on tablet in living Rm. Otherwise she sits ON mine – room or no room. If you Google "cat familiar" you'll see why black cats became associated with "witches". They're just VERY in tune & attached to their person & want to be with them everywhere, at all times when they're working. Mine comes into my bedroom at the exact same time every night to go to bed. I can set a clock by her. She makes her space & gets comfy right beside my face or nuzzled up against me. She's adorable.

  2. Black cats are awesome companions! It's too bad that people are blinded by superstition to see how beautiful and amazing they can be!

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