Nobody ever expected it but happened! (Loses trailer)

Nobody ever expected it but happened! (Loses trailer)
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Nobody ever expected it but happened! (Loses trailer) – Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!
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  1. Wow. I was a teenager in the early 70's. You would never see trailers become detached from cars or maybe if you did, It was very rare. Like I said earlier. We are in the End of The Age. Do as thou wilt young people and just watch what happens? The ignorance is so obvious that I can't believe it. America is not America anymore. "For You All Know Very Well That The Day Of Christ Is Coming Like A Thief In The Night." (1st Thessalonians 5: 1,2). Amen.

  2. All the small trailer, poor, incorrect or NO safety chains at all. On top of that, it was probably the wrong Ball size for the trailer and probably wasn't locked properly if it was the correct size.  The heavy trailers: Do a fucking tug test. I can guarantee almost every one of those were jaws that weren't properly locked.  Except of course the A-Trains, that was numerous other problems including chains.  The one trailer that did exactly what it was supposed to do was the concrete beam deck. It came off the tractor and the brakes locked up. However, no tug test.

  3. ( cop to the Allied driver at the end (as he chomps on his big cee-gar)).. Well now, hold on there boys. I'm just gonna have to do a real quick level one on ya before I can let ya pull that thing out of the road.. Now, where's yer paperwork son?

  4. How come, whenever a Russian or Bulgarian or whatever is behind a wheel, no matter what happens, it could be anything at all, their tone of voice never changes from that slightly shocked but still kinda calm tone

  5. Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't you have to attach some kind of cable/rope to the car, so if you lose your trailer, that the breaks of the trailer go off as soon as the cable/rope rips off. I feel like in 80% of the clips there was nothing like this

  6. That pic at the beginning of the Dark Horse trailer wouldn't surprise me as one of their moron drivers tried to beat me to a grade crossing. Yeah me in my loaded 130 car coal train with 2 locomotives head out. Engines only weigh 425,000lbs ea and my train was only 21,000 tons! Dumbass had to stand on his brakes or I would have hit him right on his tractors rear wheels. Moron would have died all because he didn't want to wait 3 minutes.

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