Nawabs Kitchen | We serve food for Orphans | join with us |

Nawabs Kitchen | We serve food for Orphans | join with us |
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We serve free food for all orphans. join with us.


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  1. Hats off to your team sir… definitely god will bless you… kindly provide address n contact details in the description box so that everybody can view it contact n help…

  2. Why am I getting a feeling this is a business strategy for Country Foods, Grandpa's Kitchen and Nawab's Kitchen, Village Foods, Desi Kitchen. Seems like many "different" channels trying to maximize ad revenue and make money. Whether it is for a good cause or not, it'd be good to have some transparency. Country Food's for example is a huge channel and your channel seems to be a affiliate of it since the production quality is very similar, just different hosts. Clearly you guys are making decent money doing this. It'd be good if you admitted it. I'm not saying he isn't feeding the orphans for free, but I have a feeling that the hosts, videographer, editor, etc are not doing this just out of "good will" these channels I mentioned are huge in subscriber count and definitely make serious money when combined. What I'm trying to say is that there is someone else benefiting besides the poor orphans/people, and by someone else I mean the hosts/chef/videographer/and whoever is behind this conglomerate of channels. No one is denying the good work, but there is definitely monetary benefit involved for the people we see in these videos. I feel people are being somewhat guilt-tripped into subscribing and supporting because of the orphans and poor people, when in reality it's more beneficial to the channel. Clearly the revenue from the videos is more than enough to pay for the food, if not your rent and livelihood. I'd just like more disclaimers rather than acting like a one man show with a big heart because this is definitely more than that…. and it's basically confirmed from the previous video collaboration with Country Foods.

  3. Dear ALL Just watch each video 2 time a day that it.
    automatically he start earning in sha ALLAH.
    please. keep continue what you doing. and
    request all who every watching this video send to others.
    to subscribe. and like so automatically he start earning and cook for poor people . GOD BLESS YOU MOIN.

  4. ALLAH pak apko khuuuuub nawazy taky ap sub ki help kar sakain or ALLAH pak ya be kesi kesi ko nawazta hy jeisy bhai apko ALLAH pak apko apny hifzu amaan main rakhy hamisha AMEEEN ya RABBUL ALAMEEEN?❤❤

  5. In what way I can do help you out for those who need us please let me know how to contact you PS I am ready to serve them phone number please.

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