Greatest Wipeouts Compilation | Best (as in worst) Surf Wipeouts of 2012

Greatest Wipeouts Compilation |  Best (as in worst) Surf Wipeouts of 2012
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Looking back on a year of carnage.
Greatest Wipeouts is a Surfline original series showcasing death-defying surfing wipeouts, near-death experiences and heaviest big waves of all time.

Check out all the videos in the Greatest Wipeouts series here:

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  1. I wipe out with a 6 ft once time and I pop up to the he surface with a MASSIVE fucking headache.. But this is Way more than what I could imagine

  2. A friend of mine went over the falls on the first of a big powerful 11' set and was held under by ALL SIX WAVES. He popped up in shallow water with all his breath already exhaled and hauled air in for an age sounding like an elephant trumpeting. I'm so glad he made it because when he saw him go over I paddled in after him looking for him because I thought he was gonna drown.

  3. There were 3 wipeouts at Banzai Pipeline. There was 1 wipeout at Puerto Escondido. There was 1 wipeout of Teahupoo. There was 1 wipeout of Shipstern-Bluff. There were 2 wipeouts of the right.

  4. Damn, glad you guys are here to talk about it. I can't imagine getting nailed by anything over 8 to 10 feet but this! No way, I'll sit my sorry ass on the beach……. again.

  5. Whenever I go to the beach there is always that one wave the pounds me and I go everywhere underwater. Those were like 4 foot waves theses waves are like 30 feet I can't imagine wiping out on that shit

  6. i surfed in france and i fell from a wave like 2.5 meters and i was stuk and i was thinking im gona die i qas like for 10 seconds under the water and it cost so much energy like spining in the water …if i look to this shit is can't believe the are still alive

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