Extreme Winter Driving Fails 2017 December

Extreme Winter Driving Fails 2017 December
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Extreme Winter Driving Fails 2017 December #696 – Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!
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  1. A majority of people already mentioned this; but fuck it – most of these assholes crashed because they don’t know how to drive in inclimate weather. I’d assume that a big portion of these videos were filmed in areas that receive a decent amount of snow often, so one would assume that someone who lives in that type of location would know how to fuckin drive and/or at least have a decent vechile with 4w drive + snow tires specifically for this damn reason. Smfh

  2. 3:58Владельца "БЭМВЭ", нагнули! ))))))) …В прямом смысле!) Да еще и подзатыльник схлопотал, сверху вниз)))))

    Вообщем LOL)

  3. a lot of these car crashes in russia could be prevented if they would actually paint the roads once in a while. half the time it seems like people can't tell how many lanes there are supposed to be.

  4. Несколько фрагментов из этого ролика прекрасно демонстрируют, что в случае неотвратимой аварии нужно тормозить в своей полосе. Да, тяжело. Да, мне с дивана легче говорить. Но суть проста: если тормозить в своей полосе, то последствия будут не тут плачевными.

  5. Ok, I see I'm coming up on an accident, I'll drive right on thru and follow on thru with the accident. I won't slow down or stop, I'm just don't have enough peripheral vision to see that I have or need to stop. And speed? I'll need all the speed I can get. doesn't matter if I plow through a row of pedestrians or cars, get someone killed. Or kill myself. Why? Because I'm stupid and ignorant, and like driving fast in every road condition possible. And my friends & I think we're all Mario Andretti's.

  6. 5:04: the moron in the red car (the cam guy) is on the lane which requires mandatory turn to left, he goes forward (like an idiot that he is) and he blames the guy in the white van? That must be a new record in stupidity… His mom must be very proud of him, how stupid he is.

  7. For a country where it snows enough to stop armies in their tracks, there sure are a lot of people who don't know how to drive in it.  Did ya know there is reduced traction?????

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