How To Not Drive Your Car on Roads

How To Not Drive Your Car on Roads
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How To Not Drive Your Car on Roads #804 – Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!
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  1. 4:29…. okay green means go, yellow means prepare to stop, and red means stop. but light on fire means what?!? what do I dooo?!? I wasn't taught this! ?? * sweats profusely at the stop light*

  2. Good thing that last one had all those bleeps. Otherwise I may have had to hear a bunch of Russian swearing on YouTube for the first time…

  3. Have you been involved in an accident 'Not your Fault' and been prodded up the rear end 'really' hard? (1:51) and (3:43) even worse in the dark, or even a front prodding (2:45) and (3:30) or an illicit side swipe' intrusion, and suffering from 'throbbing' pain down below, and possible 'whiplash' injuries, then give us a call. MotorCyclist 100% We Win every time as they are notorious rear end 'Prodders' (5:58) and although relatively 'small' can still cause deep penetration.

    Satisfaction Guaranteed, open 24/7 365. Always open, we never sleep. We understand that some people like to get 'rear end prodded' and will treat your case with utmost dignity and discretion.

    No Win no Fee – get in Touch today with Vladimir, Aleksei & Sasha Co – Tel 0123-2468

    PS if phoning from Russia add 998 to phone number and 50% Discount, paid in US$

    Our Advice is always carry a 'Dash Cam' and this will be invaluable evidence in the event of your Demise (6:20) YES We can still win cases when you are in the Morgue ! if you have the footage.

    Another recommendation is not to take on any cars or taxi's when wearing an 'umbrella' (7:13) We would "Classify" the incident at (7:54) as 'logging' or in some dialects as 'Dogging' Can be on occasions intensely satisfying, but sometimes very painful.

    And we also perceive that getting 'prodded' in a Car Park (9:39) can be deeply disturbing, and lead to later inner pain.

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