Amazing Sichuan- Food Lovers Heaven!

Amazing Sichuan- Food Lovers Heaven!
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Join the Food Ranger for a walk through some of Chengdu’s most lively areas and a taste of its best food! SPICY!

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  1. You are a very interesting man. Is it possible please for you to make safe arrangements and then to do a special street food tour to Pakistan and to feature the variety of wonderful breads available there. Their food is insanely good!! Youa rea very sincere man.

  2. I've been teaching myself chinese for only 1 month and I could understand almost everything without reading the english subtitles

  3. On YouTube there was a playlist for your travel videos. 56 to be exact. Within the first ten videos I subscribed based on the honesty of street food that was being had. By the 20th or 25th video I was gaging from your puerility and contemplated unsubscribing due to the offensive unapologetic "snot noodle" label; and wondered why pig brains weren't snot brains by your thinking. Yet by the 30th or 35th video I noticed a change in your behavior & presentation as well as music. The buoyant puerility and charismatic reactions were absent, you seem more restrained in the videos and venues you dined. All of the eateries are culinarily intriguing. Having guests dine with you helps to give us a break from your persona. Chou Chou is astute very quick, perceptive, foreshadows spontaneously and very informative giving background information to the culture, the way food is eaten and why some things just are. I shall peruse your videos from time to time and hope to see a developed presentation of a culture other than the "chopstick to mouth" opening. But I believe that is why some people are attracted to you. The entertainment.

  4. food ranger it looks so much fun in China. i would love to visit. many people were fascinated with you writing Chinese calligraphy one lady behind you tried to take a picture.

  5. You should do this more on your videos, its awesome how fluent you sound (keep in mind i dont know the language, but as a constant viewer, it just looks awesome!)

  6. I'm disappointed you did not share the 'crepe' and 'bao'…and the crepe was cut in half!!!  I know you were raised with manners and etiquette!!!   All in all I enjoy watching your travels, dialogue, unbelievable varieties of food and learning the villages and all it's people….Keep up the good work…just 'share' least offer and if they decline…we'll at least know you were a gentleman!

  7. Your reaction to the Sichuan peppercorn was priceless?? We all start from somewhere!! Watching your videos inspires me to get over my fear of spicy food, simply because… I don't wanna miss out on any more yummy foods!!

  8. I said it before but I'll say it again, you have THE best job in the world. Love it. Love all your vids. Keep it up. Thank you for keeping us entertained.

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