$1 Banh Mi Vs $100 Banh Mi – The Complete Guide to Banh Mi in Saigon (Featuring Kyle Le)

$1 Banh Mi Vs $100 Banh Mi - The Complete Guide to Banh Mi in Saigon (Featuring Kyle Le)
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About This Episode:
Check out Kyle Le’s Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/kyleledotnet

Check out Anan(The $100 Banh Mi Place): http://anansaigon.com

Egg Banh Mi Info
Bánh mì Nga
Giá bánh mì trứng: 10.000
Giá bánh mì cá mòi: 10.000
Giá bánh mì thịt: 10.000
Add: 127 Trần Đình Xu St, district 1
Operation hours: 6:30AM-11:30AM

Roasted Pork Banh Mi Info
Bánh mỳ heo quay Liên Thái
Add: 95-97 Trần Đình Xu St, Nguyễn Cư Trinh ward, district 1.
Opereation hours: 6AM-1AM

Cold Cut Banh Mi Info
Bánh mì Phú Quý
Giá: 15.000- 20.00-25.000VNđ
Add: 117Bis Cống Quỳnh St, Nguyễn Cư Trinh ward, district 1
Operation Hours: 4:30Am-8:00Pm

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  1. Omg Peter is my favorite chef, hes such a master of flavors, he picked the best of Vietnamese foods along the country and make them to other level. Fusion restaurants normally suck, but he nails it, highly recommended for anyone who wants to have the best chosen Vietnamese food in a fine dining way and the whole spirit is there, every single dish flavors is on point.
    Ppl thinks its ridiculous to pay 100$ for a pho or for a banh my, but its just a super smart branding way to create attention, the rest of the menu is reasonable for the quality

  2. And omg how rude was that just eating in front of the guy he could of cut it in half what a jack ass see white ppl have no manners

  3. Whats up with the cucumber thing – a lot of people have an aversion towards especially cucumbers – its weird – its like saying you dont like tomatoes or iceberg salat or onions?? Cucumbers are crunchy and juicy – whats not to love – … I don't like brains and haggis and pigs feet and sheeps eyes

  4. In no way can anyone elevate a Vietnamese street sandwich to be worth $100.00. It turned out subgrade and nasty. Nobody would pay that. Seriously. No one.

  5. When I was stationed in Germany. One of the most amazing after drinking foods I ever had was the Dhoner Kebab. Or how ever you spell it lol. But its just a pita bread cut down the middle and then they shove in lamb sliced off the lamb kebabs. And then goats cheese and cucumbers and a white like thousand island dressing. I just kept mine kinda bland to what most people would prefer. But I am a meats and potatoes kinda guy. Just give me the best bits and I am in heaven lol. So on the weekends I would go to the local market to this one Turkish Dhoner shop and usually get one to eat right away and two to take home. I would stash the two extras in my mini fridge in the barracks and then go out drinking beer and what ever showed up in front of me. The two Dhoners in my mini fridge had saved me from horrendous hang overs more times than I can count. I would always come back starving and those delicious bad boys would hit the spot like no other. lol I converted allot of my friends over to doing this as well. The Dhoner Kebab is just so hearty and tasty. And the goats cheese and that sauce they used just tied it together so perfectly. God I miss food in Germany. I miss the beer and the women are stunning as well. Shit I need to stop thinking about this lol. Its really making me wish I was still there.

  6. love ur humungous bites. people who try food and take itty bitty bites of the edges and dont get all the flavors. that irks me

  7. why-why, why do I watch you lol? You make me so hungry!! First time I had foie gras was in Paris and it was absolutely stunning and I love caviar, oddly though I hate truffles, might be because the first time I had truffle soup I had awful morning sickness and it just tasted like a bowl of raw garlic, haven't been able to touch the stuff since! Does Vietnamese coriander taste similar to 'normal' coriander (what you Yankee Doodles call cilantro)?

  8. Am I the only one who was wondering why they just didn't cut the $100 Bahn Mi in half instead of leaving it whole and biting both ends..? I know it was part of the joke (At least I think it was..) but afterwards it just looked very awkward and I felt really bad for the guy… You can tell he was trying to be a good sport and play along, but was kinda annoyed and confused at the same time.

    Still it was an awesome video, I was really looking forward to seeing what the Chef could up with! Like you were explaining, there are already so many varieties of Bahn Mi and everyone makes it differently, that making a super high end one is a really cool idea. There are just so many different ways you could've gone to take it to the next level. I'm actually surprised that there wasn't a restaurant already making something like this.

    My $100 Bahn Mi would of have been an ultra high end Duck and Pork masterpiece! It'd start with bun soaked with Truffle oil, lightly toasted, then spread with some duck pate and bone marrow, and then chunks of Duck Confit' and some Roasted & Shredded pork (preferably Lechon style pork. maybe a piglet?), then a layer of crispy pork and duck skin, then topped off lightly sauteed mustard greens (for a nice bite) and of course various fresh greens and herbs. It'd probably something you'd only eat once in your life, for the sake of your health and wallet LOL, but it would definitely be worth it!

  9. Dude! How can you hate cucumber? it has almost no flavor and is crunchy! Hate something strong like Brussels Sprouts–that's a valid hate!

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