Pigs at the wheel! Do not throw garbage on the road!

Pigs at the wheel! Do not throw garbage on the road!
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Pigs at the wheel! Do not throw garbage on the road! – Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!
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  1. Reminds me of 2002 Portland, back when they allowed bicycles in the train and bus lanes. 11th and Morrison, I'm lined up at a red light in the train lane, dude drops a cigarette butt out his car window in the right lane during the dry urban fire season, I lean the bike over in the train lane, pick it up and toss it back through the window, "You dropped this!"

  2. zigarette buds are about the only thing i can understand to get thrown out of the car, mayby compostables if you throw it on the green in a countryside but thats about it

  3. I see a lot of this here in America. And people is becoming worse because they say it's your job. That's why you get pay for it. And I think maybe this is how your parents educate you to be at your house.

  4. People have no respect for where they live. Hell, people don't have any respect for themselves.. look at the shit people eat. Mcdonalds, etc

  5. i have had people tell me that places like germany the streets are immaculate because those people don't litter americans are slobs!!! and you know who you are. if could find out where these people lived i would trash there lawn with lots of junk furniture and other garbage and then turn them into code compliance

  6. Где живем, там и срем. Надо таких на всеобщее обозрение. А вообще, так сложно положить справа в ноги и в ближайшую мусорку выкинуть?

  7. why don't people send these clips to police? maybe in russia they are like vodka bljat and don't care, but in UK police would give you a fine for littering. So if you live in civilized country, send the clip to police and get them a nice fine. I HATE people who throw their rubbish out of cars like that .. really annoying!

  8. This little trick of throwing the garbage back in the car it came from obviously doesn't work, since the dickheads just throw it back out as they're driving away. The secret is to grab a handful of dirt along with the garbage before returning it. "Oh, I guess it was stuck to your litter."

  9. huge THANKS to all of those who stop, pick it up and return it to the pigs <3 I have no idea why any of them would get upset to get their discarded property back, it does belong to them (to dispose of properly). =)

  10. Actual pigs are good for something. Not these cretins. Don't give a fuck about anyone but themselves. It should be legal to shoot them.

  11. Nice. Runing past a trash can 50 times a day, but have to throw their shit out of the car window, even on a highway. F@cking retards.

  12. Listen you bunch of garbage. Throw in the freaking trash can @ bin. Next time don't eat or drink if you don't want any of it inside your car or better don't breed at all. YOU ARE ALL AN A-HOLES!

  13. I cannot comprehend these type of people I've challenged them before and their attitude is 'who cares' and if I was to shove the litter down their throats I'd be the bad guy!

  14. и вот как с такими быть? Полиция за каждым бегать не может, а в рожу дашь такому, так сам потом можешь сесть. А все эти слова и угрозы для этих свиней как слону дробина.

  15. We should have laws stating that if you catch someone littering on camera, bring that to the police and they an issue a fine. So many offenses and you go to jail for a few days

  16. I've been at red lights before where the driver would open their door and just leave a whole pile trash on the street and drive off. People's actions reflect their personality.

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