An emotional and inspiring dog rescue story

An emotional and inspiring dog rescue story
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After being chained up outside for his entire life, this brave dog is finally rescued from a life of cruelty in this unbelievably beautiful story documented by user ‘jpiper84’. Now named Rusty Diamond, this dog now has a chance at a new and happy life.

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  1. , I don't understand why people have to lie to keep a dog if they don't even want it or don't have time or don't give it any love when the dog could be so happy like here in this picture why would somebody be hesitant to give it up I mean it's not like a piece of furniture makes me sick but this is a happy story

  2. , thank God that you did thank God that you spent the time that you did it was all worth it just to save one life and by the way did I say I hate people I think I say that every comment I fucking hate people that do these horrible things

  3. Thank you sooo much not all heroes wear capes. You could have just call animal patrol but you helped this poor creature and thank you ?????

  4. All that time on a chain it breaks my heart what bothers me the most is the audacity people have they think they can steal years off a poor animals life with torture disrespect barely survival conditions may God have mercy morso on the innocent animals then man who has the choice God bless the good people in the world God is with you he is with everybody but he smiles at you and people that do your type of work

  5. That clean cool grass had to feel SO good to him. His first bath was probably the most human touch he had ever experienced! Such a sweet baby. Bless you and his new family for saving him from a life of neglect. Angels come in all sizes and shapes.

  6. This woman saved him….I see so many awesome women who are truly dedicated to alleviate animal suffering…..thank God for women in this world…..they make a huge difference every single day…you lady who petted him throught the fence is a real hero….heart of gold….thank you.

  7. What a great ending for Rusty! Did anyone ever check his original home to see if the owner got another dog to replace Rusty? Great to save one dog, but a shame if those same people imprison another dog. Unfortunately, there are places in this world where dogs are used like "tools" for security alarms, security guards, etc., rather than treated with respect as another living being.

  8. Good Lord! He spent 10-15 years on a chain in Phoenix?!!!!! It's so hot in the summer. It must have been unbearable for him. I'm sure he wasn't taken inside. Thankfully another ignored dog is helped to find a loving home. That looked like a cute dog washing station he was taken to for his bath.

  9. It always amazes me how some people treat dog's like they are a worthless peace of shit that has no feeling!! But look around we have dog's that are police officers they are considered there human handles PARTNER not just a dog! We have dog's that are movie stars every body knows Lassie, she opened the door for many other great movie's with the dog the star. We have service dog's that are so smart they can call 911 for there human, they are seeing eye dog's the list is endless. We have the dog's that go to war sniff bomb's fight right along with there humans !! yet people will treat dog's like crap, chained outside used for meat, fighting, breeding, starved, whipped, tied with wires around there flesh, mouths taped shut, parts cut off the body's!!! WTF are Humans becoming? Because to me they are the dumb animals with no feeling's not the dog's!!!! Thankfully there are people out there like this lady who will still go out of there way to help and rescue animals, it didn't take much all that was needed was to speak to the crap person that didn't care for him in the first place.

  10. Was that hateful, heartless creature punished for her crimes? That poor innocent dog did not deserve this nightmare. That so many defenceless animals still suffer at the hands of the cruel and ignorant in these supposedly enlightened times is a complete mystery to me.

    That poor sweet darling was finally rewarded for his resilience by happy and loved, all due to the sheer kindness of a selfless stranger who couldn't bear to see an animal suffer. Rusty boy, if you are still with us, I am sending you the biggest cuddle.

  11. WHY get a dog and then leave it alone outside for years? This poor baby has been longing for love and a decent home all this time. The ‘owner’ should definitely be arrested for neglect and abuse. So happy for him now.

  12. Ages a beautiful dog. Thank you, and bless you for getting him freed from his EXTREMELY abusive owner–who is, in my opinion, worthy of 10-15 years in the same situation in which she left Rusty!

  13. I love this so much, thank you thank you, I knew it there's still great people in the world :)))) thank you for doing what you do!!!

  14. Quick someone call animal control, there is a pitbull that can hurt this lovely dog. That pitbull doesnt belong in a family, it belongs in chains and it should stay outside 24/7 so no one gets hurt!
    I know for a fact that pitbulls cant have other dog friends. Nope. Pitbulls arent even dogs.. They're like.. Uh.. Kinda like… Hmm.. They're Godlike. Ah yes, Godlike. Such beauties pitbulls are. Everyone one of them is special, not that other dogs arent special but just pitbulls are such amazing breed, only wish people would stop abusing them. And lucky i remembered that i love pitbulls… Whew! Close one. One of those other dipsh!ts inside my head is trying to make me write weird sh!t… not gonna happen. Icecream.

  15. This is why rescue is so blest. Thank you all. What a wonderful dog! Live long and thrive, Rusty..We are regular donors to several rescue groups and can't say enough about what rescue can do — miracles!! Our dog, Moon was abused, starved and dumped,, then rescued from a park in the Bronx where he was running free in the cold, pouring rain…Good Samaritans saved him; the vet who looked after him said all he needed was a good vet visit, a bath, and love, and groceries. . Moon-Man is just fine..BTW he was the steadfast, loyal companion to our mother, who died recently, at 95. Moon loved our mom…kept her safe, happy and close to home. And how sadly he whined, after the funeral directors removed her, for burial.

  16. I love this story , Damn nice rescue , thanks for ending his cruelty and did he ever love the grass under his paws ,,,, Happy Tail's from Ontario Canada.

  17. Good job dude. That poor dog deserved a reprieve and it made me happy to see he got it. Him jumping at the end was very cute. That lady was dumb and I just cannot stand people like that … good on you bud.

  18. How could someone do this to a dog? Chaining him outside with no interaction, care or play! Poor boy, he was treated so badly. Thank you so much for rescuing Rusty, you are really, really kind

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