Radha Krishna Pure Veg Restaurant Opposite New Delhi Rail Station | Breakfast Lunch Dinner

Radha Krishna Pure Veg Restaurant Opposite New Delhi Rail Station | Breakfast Lunch Dinner
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Radha Krishna Pure Veg Restaurant Opposite New Delhi Rail Station | Breakfast Lunch Dinner.

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  1. Food preparation first to last very doubtful!!! When the owner at the end do not care about pouring food on the sidewalk!!! Good news is Indian people food portion is reasonable!!! Western countries people eating all the time!!! Chips candy soda French fries burgers gyros pizza Chinese food donut coffee… Indian people cannot afford food like western people!!! Especially in cool restaurant!!!

  2. Except a reputed Chole Bhature shop in Paharganj rest are all thieves. They will show one menu but charge you as per a different menu which will be 2 to 3 times higher that what you were shown. These people are cheats and goondas

  3. बहुत बड़ा लुटेरा रेस्टोरेंट है ये??
    इससे बढ़िया रेलवे स्टेशन पर ही बनी IRCTC की कैंटीन है…।
    सस्ता और बढ़िया भोजन?

  4. รำคาญเสียงแตรรถ ไม่รู้จะบีบอะไรกันนักหนา

  5. Omg these are very big gundas and frauds. Just for normal breakfast they charged us 650 rs . Each plate was worth rs 30 to max 40. But they started fighting with us. Lastly we called the police and lately he returned 300 rs i suppose.

  6. Pure vegetarian should only eat plants and their byproduct not milk, curd, butter, cheese, white sugar, naan, soya sauce, honey or fish oil.

  7. Any eatery at busiest railway station is likely use substandard and rotten veggies as they target floating customers. Be aware of such hotels/restuarants.

  8. One place which could have been developed as a street food heaven in Delhi is the road opposite New Delhi Railway Station. Alas! it is a missed opportunity now.
    I am a Delhiite and know what I am saying.
    The people running these places are so dis-honest, roudy and goonda like that it is never recomended for any one to visit.
    They fleece tourists and Delhi earns a bad name.
    People are advised not to frequent these places. Go to nearby Pahar Ganj if you are feeling hungry but never go to the restaurants on the road opposite the New Delhi Railway Station unless you wanna get roughed up by goons at the end of your meal.

  9. All these restrurants are big cheater and looter. Zee news had shown us earlier about this eating house. Beware-they have also contact with local goons and admin.

  10. I live at Delhi. All these restaurants and eateries in front of New Delhi railway station are big frauds. Beware of them.

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