California Nanny Rescues Little Boy From A Nightmare In His Kitchen

California Nanny Rescues Little Boy From A Nightmare In His Kitchen
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These days, it can be difficult to put your trust in a stranger to watch your children and keep them safe while you aren’t home. However, most people in childcare will give you nothing to worry about.
The following story is about one California nanny who went above and beyond the call of duty when she sensed the child she cared for was in big trouble…

Jonathan Lai and his wife live in Irvine, California with their adorable and energetic three-year-old son together. Like all parents, they wish they could be with their boy more often, but they have to work just like everybody else.

Since they couldn’t be around 24/7, the Lai’s decided to start looking for a nanny, someone who wouldn’t just act as a sitter for their son when they were out, but someone who could cook for him, bathe him and run errands with him, all while keeping him safe and sound…

Luckily for the Lai’s, they didn’t need to look too hard. They found the perfect candidate in Jenna Lee Baker. She was kind, but also attentive and someone they could tell they could rely on to keep their rambunctious three-year-old in check. However, they had no idea just how special this nanny would turn out to be.

Earlier this summer of 2017, Baker took the tiny three-year-old out with her to do some errands around town. When they returned back to the Lai residence, however, something felt completely off about the house…

When the nanny opened the front door, she instantly had a gut feeling that something was wrong, she just didn’t know what yet. Unfortunately, it was already too late and the little boy ran from behind her back, right into the house. She pleaded with him to come back outside to her.

That’s when her bad feeling became a reality and she heard pounding footsteps coming down the stairs. Knowing that both Jonathan and his wife were definitely not home, she became terrified and ran inside the house to grab the little boy…

Baker then grabbed the child and slammed the front door with him in tow. She ran down the driveway and over to a next door neighbor’s house to call the police. It was Baker’s killer instincts that told her there was something wrong with the house, but she would soon be shocked to find out the full story.

What the home invader didn’t know is that Jonathan Lai had CCTV surveillance cameras in his home. When he returned home, he found out a stranger had broken into the family’s home in broad daylight while no one was home and it was all on tape…


►Source footage: youtube /Inside Edition



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  1. I don't know if this is a woman thing, but when I was caring for other people's children, it was like they were my own. There's this kind of maternal instinct going on.

    Seriously though, kudos to her.

  2. As a nanny, I am so proud her reaction was life saving as that how it should be. My heart goes out to this amazing nanny. So glad, everyone was okay.

  3. it’s hard to trust babysitters now a days. That’s why with my kids I get a relative or I ask a very trusted freind. I found the best baby sitter called Laura and she was the kindest to my kids a 2 year old girl and a 3 month Baby boy I still trust and as she recently got kids I feel way happier and I trust way more.

  4. I feel like this should be common thought process when children are involved, whether you're male or female shouldn't matter. i would easily put myself in harm's way to save any child that's in danger, i have before, different circumstance. They were about to get run over for some toy in the middle of the street and the driver i guess didn't care cause he sped up but yeah. I'd do it again in a heart beat. Their our future man. Props to her tho, cause i know not everyone would 👍❤️ thank you

  5. Dam that still image of her frozen at the door as she walked in said so much, her body knew something wasn't right. I'm so thankful she didn't run and leave the kid. They better hang on to her, not a lot of good people like her.

  6. Not everyone works some people are sassy and they are billionaires or millionaire or they are in the thousands and they don’t need to work but I would

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