Best Cambodian STREET FOOD in Phnom Penh | Central Market

Best Cambodian STREET FOOD in Phnom Penh | Central Market
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About This Episode:
Today we’re in Cambodia looking to hunt down some street food (Khmer Food) and Phnom Penh’s Central Market is a great place to start. This place is a bountiful treasure trove for locals and tourists alike selling everything from clothes and electronics to produce and fresh steaks. If you’re looking to get tons of street food in one place, put Central Market on your must-see list. Just tell Any tuk-tuk driver to go to “Central Market” and you’ll be on your way.

About Sonny Side:
I’m not sponsored. I’m not rich. I’m just some guy who wanted to make the type of travel videos that I would want to see. This show is completely self-funded so thanks for patiently watching that five second advertisement (and read below how you can support this channel).

I am a video director by trade. Each time I travel to a new country I bring a cameraman with me, usually a friend, to shoot as many episodes as possible in a short amount of time (usually a week). The rest of the time I’m working as a video director/videographer in Vietnam and editing the crap out of these videos.

Much love and remember, Don’t Think, Just Chew.

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If you see any factual food errors in my video, please feel free to politely let me know in the comments.

I’m a huge fan of trying different, interesting and strange foods in each country. My show is from a Western point of view, but more importantly MY point of view, but is not meant to offend any person or culture.


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About the Author: Best Ever Food Review Show


    I'm back in Vietnam. The Cambodia trip was no doubt my rockiest so far and no, I didn't get my stuff back. The government still has my iphone 7 and Phantom Drone.

    We were only in Phnom Penh for about two hours before being scootered to a local police department. As far as I understand droning is not yet illegal in the city, but it's where we were droning that may have been the problem. We were near the Royal Palace. They don't like it so much when you fly a drone there. Six hours of questioning followed.

    The next day we had to wait an excruciating 10 hours in the confines of a police department to see what would happen. They told me finally that they'd be keeping my stuff and I'd have to go through my embassy to get it back.

    But why do you need to keep this??
    To make sure these images don't appear online.
    Yeah, good. Just destroy the memory card and give me my stuff.
    No, we need to keep it.

    Fucking great. We continued on to Siem Reap (much due to the amazing support of you guys) and I made an appointment with the US Embassy for the coming week, which came to pass a couple days ago. The options looked about like this…

    1. We'll get back to you (which means we won't get back to you).
    2. Hire a lawyer. Great.
    3. Cash is what makes things move in Cambodia.

    Well, I quickly exhausted option three after exiting the embassy, but it seems I'm getting the worst of two worlds. I mean, what good is a corruption riddled country if you can't pay people off. So I have all of the disorganized, confusing, slow bureaucratic process with none of the bribing. Sigh.

    The official I've dealt with along the way says I should be fine to get my stuff back through my embassy. The embassy has no idea why I'm talking to them. Really, I don't know what's going to happen, but it doesn't look good. I will keep calling the Cambodian government contact everyday until either they block my number or give in.

    Believe it or not (and sorry to break the illusion), but I don't make any money from doing this show. I know! The Cambodian police didn't get why I do this either. I don't even have youtube monetization on my vids, because I'm so intent on not putting any barriers between potential viewers and my vids during this "building" phase. I've now spent thousands of dollars to make this show a reality, always paying for my travel costs and that of the cameraman too with my own money.

    I make this show happen by working my ass off, saving money, shooting like crazy for a week or so, then editing upon my return home. I'm driven by the hope that it can eventually become self-sustaining and if it doesn't, well then by the time I give up, I'll at least have some cool ass video memories.

    But, when I lose about $2,500 worth of my stuff it stings. It stings too, that in the end, despite Cambodia's terrible reputation for corruption, prostitution (there is an alarming number of old, single, white men there), scams and being noted by many as having terrible food — In spite of all of this, I set out to make positive videos about Cambodia while trying to find the hidden gems wherever I could and we fucking did it too (I'll share later in a happy post), but in the midst of this effort, the government is like, yeah, fuck your videos. (This isn't even a real sentence. My sister is going to be so disappointed.)

    Almost everywhere I went there was a weird paranoia among police that I was making money off of them or from my footage. So uncanny. There is this scarcity type mentality that I guess comes with being in a country that's not long past it's civil war (genocide) and is completely steeped in poverty. I mean, Cambodia is the real deal. It's raw. It's called the Wild West of the East for a reason.

    In the end, shall I ever return to Cambodia again, it will be only to some country/rural regions, far from police, landmarks, government officials and those who deal with tourists daily.
    Lastly, and perhaps most tragic is the fucking police didn't have the decency to update my Instagram while they had my phone and now all my Tinder matches probably think I don't like them anymore. 🙁


  2. Yup is It’s Rlly Scary If you walk By your self In midnight Street Kids Wanna be gangsters will beat you up If you Dobt give them your money and other jewl

  3. Dont be alarmed at d old white men in cambodia coz there on a pension maybe , easy visa , cheap beer , cheap rooms and expensive women !

  4. You wanna know What’s weird? You eat pig intestines and your intestines digest the intestines… ? it’s confusing. Anyway, I felt bad that they took away your drone…that drone must be very expensive

  5. I hope you can revisit Cambodia again….and look at other provincial food. I believe since this event Karma has looked after you…but I do apologise as a Cambodian that you have experience this……thanks for all your content…keep doing what you do, stay true, be you and you will be a force to reckon with in the food and culture reviews domain….cheers, ?

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