Top 5 Foods in Food Heaven | Penang, Malaysia | The Food Ranger

Top 5 Foods in Food Heaven | Penang, Malaysia | The Food Ranger
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Food Heaven exists! An old island town in the northwest of Malaysia has some of the best food in the world.
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Join the Food Ranger as he hunts for the tastiest dishes and chooses his top 5 favourite meals!
If you’re in Penang and want to find these spots, go here:
-Cendol was located at Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendul.
-Oyster omelette at red garden
-Char kway teow at CF food court
– Indian food at Sri Ananda Bahwan restaurant in little india
-Asam Laksa at Penang Road Famous Asam Laksa

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  1. Condolences to you and you family! Your Vlogs are great I'm going to Penang in March! Is it safe to walk around for a solo traveler?

  2. OMG ! Your list is 99% as Mine except the laksa ! Next time , you must visit the macalister road ( I think ) Char kueh kak, I.e= stir fry turnip cake , very similar to Char kueh thiao
    For nyonya dessert, you must try " Buboh Chacha "
    Have you visited the Penang Nyonya mansion ?

  3. Don't take the advice of the locals that food is tasty and clean, check the food stalls your self.make sure the food is what you order, the price is quoted correctly,most food shops and touristy place have serious hygiene issue.Drink from the bottle water, don't try the roadside food shops no matter how long the Q is, because the locals have no sense of hygiene.Just be very careful,when you even buy a T shirt, the price quoted Will be very ridiculously high.As any other stuff.

  4. Those going to Penang please bring along a small calculator. The business community in Penang are very imaginative,in calculating your food prices. The whole of Penang wants to cheat you.IF you are visiting Penang, please be aware of the fact that the business community,are very friendly to you…. you ask them how much it's going to cost you, don't think they are being friendly with you, they are being very nice, please be careful, they are distracting you, from keeping your eyes on the food prices,if you are not careful, you will have huge bill.Some times one will ask you where you came from, the other will suggest to you a dish and beer, before you know it you'll be screwed.Please check your bill,when you pay check how much it costs…even the Indians Muslims shops are very dangerous and dirty.You will pay for something double the price.A simple TOSAI CAN CAUSE YOU RM14,SO BE VERY CAUTIOUS.ALL OF PENANG SEEMS TO BE IN THE BUSINESS OF CHEATING THE TOURIST AND THE VISITORS.

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