Craziest Repo Ever – EPIC REPO BATTLE

Craziest Repo Ever - EPIC REPO BATTLE
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Craziest Repo Ever – Car repo Gone Wrong – Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!
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  1. If you enter the car and they tow it with you in it kidnapping charge simple fix lawsuit, kidnapping and pain and suffering you didn't know what was going on even though they're in a town truck you don't know who they are unless they come with the cops because they identify themselves to the cops then you know who they are, but they know if we wasn't going to have problems paying for we would buy it straight cash so if someone don't have it like that and you sale them a car and wait on them to go through hard times to take the car, you a piece of shit and I would put a 5lb bag of sugar in that tank and tell them have a nice day

  2. It's a hole lot easier to just knock out the tow truck driver that's what I did when they sent the repo guy after my motorcycle and he left empty handed and I went to jail for about an hour before I was bellied out it was well worth it

  3. The second the repo man hooks up; he's getting paid. Any damages done, the idiot's insurance company will pay for it and the idiot gets sued. You may outrun the repo man; but you're never gonna outrun that bill.

  4. don't tey know it's cheaper to just pay the tow bill and not tear up there car it's gonna cost more at an auto shop

  5. WHY ARE PEOPLE CHEERING WITH GLEE WHEN THEY GET AWAY WITH DAMAGING A TOW TRUCK!?!?!?! These are criminals, not to be rewarded with your screams of joy!!! What is wrong with people!

  6. I work for a finance company. And these ratchet people are the bad payers. That have other priorities. If you can’t afford the payments then do sign the lease

  7. Most people claiming just pay you're bill …don't realize they have paid their mortgage twice after interest …same with cars …..most of these ppl have paid their cars two times over..I'm never been in this situation because I buy old 500 trucks n fix them…but it's for the same exact reason

  8. I work nights as a repo man. One lady ran outside and screamed “what are you doing with my car!” I said “lady, it’s not your car anymore.” I noticed that I tow a lot of brand new cars that people clearly can’t afford.

  9. That why every car i owned where purchased cash. They all where classics, but know i how to work with my hands lol lol. If you cant afford it, dont buy it!!! Hate to see this happen to pepople.

  10. Someone apparently need to explain to these "repo" dirtbags that they do not have any immunity from the kidnapping or carjacking laws.

  11. Lesson for finance companies, make sure you check out the persons race prior to giving finacial assistance. Typical Nig at 5:22. Nuff Said

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