World's Most Idiot Women Drivers 2017 – Funny Woman Driving Fails & Road Rage #9

World's Most Idiot Women Drivers 2017 - Funny Woman Driving Fails & Road Rage #9
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World’s Most Idiot Women Drivers 2017 – Funny Woman Driving Fails & Road Rage #9 – Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!

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  1. How can you tell???!!! >>> Some of them might have Dic*s >>> but I guess, we'll never know.

    PS: To ALL >>>> Stop running away from life with Alcohol and Drugs….they're gonna make it worse.

  2. ok…those first two clowns were just plain a$$holes…they see a car pulling out of the lots, and they KNOW they will stop right in-front of them and block them in but….do it anyway…discourteous pricks. same type of jerks who block the box during rush hr. >:(

  3. I honestly think some women are making this world a more dangerous place for other women. The girl throwing stuff at that guys car, she
    could be killed one day picking on the wrong people. What has happened in the world to make people act like this? I laughed at most of them, but worry for girls acting like they want a fight. They don't, what they do want is special rights, not equal at all in my opinion.

  4. 9:41
    I like how the Jeep is speeding up.
    "NOPE! NOPE!"

    Ladies typically can't drive because they don't pay attention to the road. And most of them think with their hearts not their brains.
    Bring in on feminists. I am a girl too and I honestly think at least some of the female populations have issues when it comes to driving.

  5. 4:52 that accident was clearly caused by the reckless driver that overtook 2 cars in series in high speed inspite of a double security line and just got back to his side at the very last second. This actually provoked the four cars from the other side to crash into each other. Has nothing to do with the woman that got out of one of these cars.
    – those women at 8:40 were despicable
    – the girl at 9:00 was cool. I don't think she threw coffee at them for no reason. she seemed too much in control of the situation for that.
    9:59 – that must have been steve peat's mum 😉
    10:29 – thats the moment when she realised she forgot to put on her glasses.

  6. Понравилась как бабаслексуса играла в гольф с мерседесом. самая добрая в раше.

  7. That last gal was pulled over after she made bail on this particular DUI. Yep, she didn't do any better on the second test some 2-3 hours later.

  8. I can't tell from the video, in many cases, what sex the at fault driver is. And in some cases, it appears from the cammer's voice that the at fault person is male. And though the pathetically drunken driver in the final video is female, many more really drunk drivers are men.

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