Philippines SCARIEST FOOD! Catching and eating Wild Tamilok in Palawan

Philippines SCARIEST FOOD! Catching and eating Wild Tamilok in Palawan
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This episode was brought to you by me. I flew my ass to Palawan to shoot this video so please show some love. Share! Comment something. Subscribe for more in the future. Thanks yoooo!

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I’m a huge fan of trying different, interesting and strange foods in each country. My show is from a Western point of view, but more importantly MY point of view, but is not meant to offend any person or culture.



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  1. man you are brave!! you are doing such supercool stuff though. big up to you for showing us. I have a book called 1001 foods you must try before you die (assuming one doesn't while trying!!) and it had this worm in there. truly exceptional! only worm i have tried so far was a mopani worm – dried and unfried then tried it fried. well, not much to tell – no flavour really except for the saltiness while it was dried; the texture coarse and, oh, when i got to the head, well i was very hesitant – it had quite a crunch that just seemed to freak me out a little. wow, after i was like 'i ate a worm – two actually!!' and i was feeling pretty good about my bravery …. theeeen i learned of this tamilok worm …. riiiight, moving on! i will have it cooked though! think it still has the same stamina affect? hahaha

  2. Ay naku nakikipagsabayan sa korea at japan ah, mga fetish nga naman sa pagkitil ng mga hayop sa pamamagitan ng pag-nguya ermagherd sana ganyan din maging kapalaran ko kay jungkook nginunguya niya daliri kong kakaputol lng omaygahd so kilig!!

  3. At our school in Vietnam, we had a field trip to Can Gio. The forest was similar to this one, and we were divided into teams to catch the snail (?) living inside the area. We cooked and ate them for lunch (it taste funny) . At the end, I accidentally dropt my shoes on the path way into the mud, they were ruined, I have to borrowed my friend’s sandals. My mom became furious and banned me from coming to the class field trip in compensate for a new pair of shoe.

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